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May May is the month of mothers , May is the month in which the Earth honors those who carry in her womb her dear children , that will bring them joy and sorrow.

Beings that are generated in their wombs , without any involvement of his future mother, from genetic codes , wisely handled by the Architects of the Universe .

Each will have combinatorial characteristics of paternal and maternal gens gens ; will , also with the participation of the Spirit that will be assigned to that body , that Spirit is that choose the future characteristics of your body so that it can get rid of your guilt , your Karma .

Just ask for it to have its future body exactly the conditions that make all that suffering was caused , in other lives through cruel acts .

This again will be the shelter of a mother , a father , the support of a family . The Creator , in His infinite wisdom, will provide to that Being who voluntarily ask to go through the same sufferings imposed at other times , ruthlessly imposed their brethren , who has in his new life a huge opportunity to clean the stains of his Spirit , which stains them cause sufferings , much greater than those who have in their new bodies .

So respect those who have passed through sufferings , because it is a great opportunity to get rid of your spirits what cruelly did his brothers suffer.

This mother is a shield , will be a strong ally , always willing to sacrifice to minimize the suffering of his beloved son .
This , too, was my destiny , always willing to patronize , to help the immense sacrifice that my dear son Jesus Christ , knew I would pass this planet so involved by envy , hatred, jealousy, feelings and attitudes by so cruel .

My son sacrificed - whether for Humanity had a strong reference the way to go , had an example of Love, Love a lot , always devoted and dedicated to all his brethren , they pass the trials , the suffering , when embody this small planet .
The Creator worshiped granted us the honor of creating a hospital , where the disembodied spirits are called , in order to treat the stains that are still contaminating your Spirit . We rely on the selfless service of countless doctors, who embodied therein or not , devoted to helping cure the evils arising from cruel behavior.

Many have to reincarnate , because it failed to get rid of the shackles that keep them connected to this planet , others can , through the Change Thoughts , Attitudes and words get rid of the feelings that kept them connected to planet Earth .

This is the great lesson that is the main foundation of all beings in the universe , climb Plans Evolution , increasing living with love , with kindness , with justice , thinking more in the next , dedicated to the cause of charity .

Many pray for this little Spirit get rid them of their ailments , even with much fervor , listen to your requests , want a blessing , but strive to improve , and there's only one way to improve is by changing thoughts , attitudes and words .

The planet is getting sick , time is getting short , this movement aims to educate human beings who all depends on each one , each got what I deserve , that each will lead the results of their behavior towards others, towards nature before the planet, this is the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Merit ; if they live the good will receive good, if they live evil , receive evil .

So kids , the Creator gave them the ability to deem the best path, the path that will lead them to their Creator, who also turn on the Creator .

Not let themselves be carried away by the wave of violence, malice , revenge , these feelings are contrary to universal love , are dissociators are causing great injustice , major disasters, to shape their lives by the principles of Universal Love . 10 Commandments for my dear son propagates , improve their levels of knowledge , studying, or are friends of animals , friends of nature , learn from the behavior of animals , change, improve and have the peace that dear Master Jesus brought.




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May May is the month of mothers , May is the month in which the Earth honors those who carry in her womb her dear children , that will bring them joy and sorrow.

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