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My dear Humanity is undergoing a transformation process, preparing for a new era, in which the qualities of the Spirit sobressairão.

The qualities of the Spirit are able to create harmony, a sweet coexistence beings, are capable of transforming a Planet startled by wars, by conflict, lack of love, are able to transform societies in a group of beings concerned to contribute their attitudes, so there is the Universal Peace, to be eliminated wars, to purge the hatred, to spread kindness, charity, justice, that Love is anchor these new times.

We transformations in the physical, Planet suffer the consequences of misuse of its soil, its water, its air contamination. Cataclysms will contribute to all this results in a new planet, this is the natural cycle of all the planets that are subject to him.

The Earth will not be the Planet of atonement; diseases are controlled or extinguished, the body will be lighter, less dense, it is the natural cycle. This process has already begun, so that call for the beings that live there to awaken to the need for a profound change of thoughts, attitudes and words.

You have been told that change is the only way of Being climb the infinite planes that our beautiful Universe. All beings need Change, must evolve.

The Universe is all mystery, the mystery is our great dilemma, we are all involved in this dilemma, we all have limits, all we have to Change.

You have been told that all this literature, this vast literature has served not only to deliver but also to imprison minds, how many get stuck on concepts taxes in dogmas; losing most of every opportunity, the greatest of all the features given by the Creator, losing his freedom.

Even the Ten Commandments do not take any Being the freedom to conduct themselves according to their consciences, to hit or miss, hit or miss is a way for the growth of Being to its Internal change as hit and miss ensejam consequences and these consequences is to enable us to change.

The new Earth will be more beautiful than today's, the disease will be controlled or extinguished, the bodies will be healthy, be healthy minds, those who do not follow the growth of the planet inhabit other worlds, with experience required for their growth and return to the abode of the Creator.

Therefore, this movement which seeks an internal transformation has a great importance because it is a great opportunity for those who want to escape plans so small, wishing to enter, climb the higher planes of spirituality.

Them is already known that the spirit dwells in the body, the spirit and the body are divine creations, the mind has the ability to grow, and through the evolution of behavior and knowledge, become Creator. This is the destiny of Being, in spirit, growth, to become - a Creator, it is a hard way of defeats and victories, without undue delay, the time will depend on the efforts of each one.

You have been told that the disease is the way of self - improvement, is the way of the Spirit will undo the ills that created, is the application of the Law of Cause and Effect, the whole will be given the opportunity, through suffering, get rid of the stains of their spirits, caused mainly by the cruel attitudes.

Bless the Legion of Benefactors hard that is dedicated to the alleviation of suffering, the expansion of knowledge, I bless you, the greatness of their dedications on beds of pain; guardian angels that protect, to help, quietly, without fanfare, confidential, I bless them, bless this dear humanity, praying to the Creator that helps to awaken in all beings, the greatness of their hearts, the magnitude of their feelings and strength, that inner strength which is awakened by Love, Love that is capable of releasing the Love that is the greatest of all the feelings, the love that the dear Master Jesus and many other Beings who went there, preached, especially with their examples, examples of all mothers.

The greatest symbol of his sacrifice is offset by a change conscious that their children become, that is the great desire of all mothers, their children from becoming agents of good, this is the greatest joy of all mothers, their children to be disciples of my dear son Jesus.

Train be kind, charitable, tolerant, be joyful, even in adversity, be happy there, by the Creator to have - given them the ability to see, to hear, to taste, to get around mainly by immense capacity and who have their hearts of love.




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My dear Humanity is undergoing a transformation process, preparing for a new era, in which the qualities of the Spirit sobressairão.

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