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In his infinite kindness, the Creator enables his beloved children the remission of their mistakes, through the cleaning of the stains from their behaviors, which impregnate their spirits in such a way

that they cause wounds, much more painful and difficult to cure than the ones that affect the carnal body.


By passing these evils to the body, the Being has the opportunity to redeem from those cruel acts that inflicted to the other brothers, the animals, the nature or even themselves.


The suffering is passed to the body, and the body will serve as a fountain of cleaning, in a period which the spirit itself will determine, if there is a change of attitudes, thoughts and words that purify the embodied spirit, releasing it from the stains and from the evils practiced by him.


It is not usual that in one incarnation it is gotten, almost always, one returns to a body with the same type of disease. The suffering is a huge opportunity which the Being in spirit has, in order to get rid of the feelings that contradict the principals of the Universal Love.


Before embodying, the spirit asks the genetic architects, who mould the new body, that his karma is prepared in such a way that it feels, in his flesh itself, the same suffering that inflicted to somebody else, in the present life or in the past ones.


Therefore, The Extra Galactic Being said to you that the suffering must be seen as a way of redemption, as the way of purifying the spirit from the evils which caused to somebody else in the past incarnations.

The physical suffering will clean the spirit, if its effect is benefic to the redemption and on the change of thoughts and attitudes; if there is no regret inside your heart, the suffering will not have any effect in the purification of the spirit.


However, so many opportunities will be given to the ones who ask, since the karma will be always determined by the will of whom that, under his behavior, maculated the spirit, which is pure.


Do not feel sorry for the ones who suffer, because the suffering will release him from much bigger evils. The wound of the spirit hurts much more than the wound of the body.


Avoid creating Karma through extreme or cruel behavior, maculating your spirits. By the Law of Cause and Effect, you will have to undergo the same problems that, because of cruelty, you cause to the other Beings, human ones or not.


It will not be for a merely mismatch of ideas or for a simply act of kicking against the pricks; it will not be for a yes or no answer that the result will be a karmic debt. The karmic debt is originating from cruel acts, words or thoughts.


The cruelty is an act that does not dignify the human civilization. It blackens the human behavior, not only causing deep physical damages, like moral shocks.


The Being, endowed with intelligence, is already born realizing how to discern between the good and the evil, the right and the wrong thing, but it has the free will to follow the way he wants.


Guide your lives through the way of good, of the tolerance, of the justice, of the kindness, of the charity, of the piety; you may even suffer the consequences of this behavior, because the adversity of ideas that makes possible opposing reactions, but the important thing is not what the other thinks; the important thing is what is in the mind of each one.


The Law of Cause and Effect is so simple that even those who consider themselves as avengers and do not punish themselves by the cruelties they do, even these ones cause to their spirits stains which should be cleaned.


Much more than you think, the Human Beings has a huge responsibility for their destinies, for their ways, since it was given them intelligence enough to discern the consequences of your behaviors, besides your reactions.


Saint Thomas Aquina told you that, by the reactions, the Human Being was known better. Yes, the reaction also causes karmic stain.


It has already been said several times that the planet does not have much time, because the heating will take off the conditions of life. When leaving the bodies, the spirits will be attracted to the plans of evolution on which got ready.


Therefore, the Change is the big factor. It is the factor of the biggest importance on the preparation for the evolution of a spirit. This, what you are experiencing is temporary; do not waste time, the time is precious, analyze your lives, your behaviors, let get yourselves better and better.


Do not wait for only through the suffering, you can leave from so small plans. You will always have the help of the beloved Orisha’s Messengers, both to pass to the physical body the wounds of your spirits, as well as to help you about the life of sacrifice that is brought by the process of suffering.


But the suffering is a donation of the Creator, since nobody leaves from it in the same way once entered.


The life, the existence, is a divine gift. Think about it, to exist, to have a life, to see the sunset, the forests, the birds, the beauty and the naivety of a child, the animals with their lives of sacrifice. To exist; thank Creator for existing, even if this existence is lived under suffering, it will always be worthwhile.


Thank the Father for existing, transform your lives, train to be more kind, more tolerant and you will receive, in exchange, the Peace that the beloved Master Jesus brought to us.




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In his infinite kindness, the Creator enables his beloved children the remission of their mistakes, through the cleaning of the stains from their behaviors, which impregnate their spirits in such a way

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