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In my last message, I told you about the relativity between the good and the evil, I told you that everything depends on the pattern. The good and the evil depend on the view and the effects.

So many times, with good manners, even without intention, we cause the evil, and, some times, intending to cause the evil, we provide, through suffering, the opportunity of the Being reaches to transformation. Thus, that evil turns into a precious good. Therefore, you should not judge, because the moments called bad ones which cause pain, suffering and anguish, usually have as the resultant the transformation and a new view of life.


To this planet are sent rebellious spirits, which will have in the suffering, the opportunity to meet themselves and get close to their Creator. The physical and moral pains are stages of learning, thus, Master Buddha told you that the disease and the pain are opportunities for growing. When go through suffering and pain, take advantage by raising your spirits and thank to the Creator the opportunity of, through suffering, conquer the inner peace and reach the elevated principles that will turn your burden less heavy. Thank the Creator, not only the desired health, but the opportunity of, by the disease and the pain, have gotten to climb a step of the infinite staircase evolution. Archangel Gabriel told you that the disease is transmuted to the body from the spirit, and, through the pain, the body purifies the spirit. This principle rules the existence of all those who embody in this planet.


The good and the evil, I repeat, are the question of view since the return law, who does evil will receive the evil and, who does good, will receive the good and, will be given the great opportunity of learning the price of the good. If you want the good, do good; if you do evil you will have the evil returned. Like school, the evil is in evidence because its festers, the scars that permit to reach the depth of the soul. The suffering cleans the spirit; all, no Being who embodies in this planet is free of feeling pain or being reached by a disease. Master Buddha also told to thank the Creator the disease gotten, because it will bring you alleviation of the fault and will clean you spirits that are pure.


I direct an abnegator spirits phalanx who helps embodied beings very much by transmitting to their bodies, the wounds that were caused to their spirits. The mankind sees them as inferior spirits, but they are great friends because it is through suffering, the man will raise his soul and will get closer to his Creator. This huge phalanx of spirits, male and female, helps the mankind so much by applying law of cause and effect, attributing a just penalty, but, at the same time, helping with their charitable hands through a way taken for thorns.


So much suffering might be avoided if the human intelligence awakes the necessity of a deep transformation, based mainly on the elevated principals of love, charity and tolerance. Sir Krishna, also told you that, when this planet ends up its existence, the spirits who here embodied and could not get rid of the hatred, the bitterness, the envy and jealousy will be attracted to other places. They will occupy very inferior bodies in comparison to they had in the Earth and will have to bear much heavier suffering.


There is only one way to the progress for any being, as all whom here left their messages have already showed, there is only one way to improve and this way is the change. By the change the intelligent being manages to supplant and dominate the feelings that, certainly, bring suffering to themselves and to their next.


There is no long time to the Earth, therefore this insistence. For this reason, the Masters, Avatars and Beings from others galaxies are getting closer and closer to the mankind  for a conclusive attempt to aware the human intelligence that, only by their own effort, not only the man, but any being, you will manage to raise to plans and higher dimensions. The Extragalactic Being also told you that it is not worth it to waste time with prayers and requests waiting, without any effort, to get a grace or a cure, he told you that everything depends on each one and everything will be conquered. It was also told you that the mystery that involves the whole Universe in any existential plan, the mystery is a challenge.


I was recognized as Saint by my dear Church, but in the space, there is no division. I received the honorable mission of, all together with thousands of phalanxes of Eshus, male and female ones to help, even by suffering, the human soul to awake to a large way of the good. Eshus, male and female ones are in charge of transferring to the body, the disease of the spirit in order to purify it. It is the evil to serve the good, because the suffering is an instrument of the good. The embodied being, even if proceed in a way considered bad; enable the other finds new ways.


The Extragalactic Being also said that the Universe is order and disorder; it is the good and the evil, everything harmonically balanced. All the beings of the Universe will always feel the effects of their thoughts, attitudes and words. For this reason, it has been said many times; change your thoughts, attitudes and words. Be intelligent, since there will always be a reaction to what is made, to what one thinks and to what one speaks, there will always be an effect. The Earth is a planet of suffering, because the man does not want to change; change requires sacrifice; change reaches the pride.


This humble servant thanks the opportunity of saying these words, and, I tell you: the evil will just be won by a much bigger strength, the evil will just be won by the love, and the evil will just be won by the good. Saint Thomas Aquinas told you, do not feel sorry for those who suffer because they suffer to repair their souls. The soul is always great favorably, even in the age of great suffering. Poor mankind that still need to go through suffering in order to recognize the value of being good, honest and tolerant.


I wish the Creator always protect you. I wish Virgin Mary always bless all of you.




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In my last message, I told you about the relativity between the good and the evil, I told you that everything depends on the pattern. The good and the evil depend on the view and the effects.

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