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on 05/07/2012

For the first time, The Illuminated Beings get together to help the Mankind leaves from an environment where selfishness predominates, the envy, the jealousy and the individualism, inciting a serious

and honest change of thoughts, attitudes and words, aiming at your release. The freedom is the biggest of all gifts that the adored CREATOR gave to us. However, also through it, the Being may diverge from the path following a way which has, as the consequence, the physical and moral suffering.


Endowed with intelligence, being able to discern either the good or the evil, the Human Being is able to follow the way which he chooses. Analyze, inside the way once you chose, if your attitudes are in accordance with the teachings which everyone brings in his memories. Teachings remembered by so many Masters; analyze if your behavior contributes for the harmony, for the happiness of your neighbor, for the enlargement of your soul.


My beloved Son sacrificed himself by offering his own life so that the mankind could realize, according to his example, a way full of light that, certainly, would take them to reach bigger and bigger plans of evolution.

My beloved Son labors so that the life on this planet may be lighter and, the suffering could be eased. All of us have a deep respect for the right of freedom which each Being has: the freedom of choosing his own way.


However, Love is, and it will always be, the best option for a world in balance and peace-loving. By practicing Love, we will be contributing, with our attitudes, to the harmony between persons and peoples all around the world. Only with tolerance, humbleness, kindness, honesty, justice, wisdom, resignation, mercy, solidarity, faith and hope, we will be able to contribute for a better planet to everyone, not only for some.


While exiting on this planet the poor and rich men, abundance and hunger, discrimination and prepotency, the suffering will be predominant. The man suffers because he has the spirit maculated by his own behavior, on the contrary to the principles of the Universal Love. In the Universe, the Love is a huge link and, the life is the biggest of all gifts. Life is utterly beyond this incarnation; the Being, in spirit, will be much more capable.


Thank to your Creator for a day of sun, for a starry night, for the rain that brings the water, for the life. Thank for the beauty of the flowers and for the strength of the forests, for the meekness of the birds, for the love of the dogs, for this such lovely Nature.


The grateful spirit, which tries to follow the God's laws, does not give room for the suffering, even if it has to undergo adversities deriving from his karma, his Faith will be his defense.


Love the Human Being; being poor or rich. From any ethnic, he is a similarity.


Control your thoughts, analyze your words, transmit Love in your attitudes, and be always friendly and brotherly. Treat the body with respect, it was lent to you and the Nature will want it back. Live the energy and the creative strength of sex with respect, because it is a divine gift.


Be freed from the bad thoughts, from the cruel attitudes and the offensive words, and you will have the peace that my beloved Son offered to you all.




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