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Yet pretty young, I was touched by the Holy Spirit with the message that from my womb would be born an Illuminated Being that, voluntarily, would pass by the sufferings of the body

and the soul, in a sacred mission to propagate the greatness of an existence based on The Ten Commandments.


For me, a humble young woman, it turned into a deep modification of the life’s concepts. I felt in need to get ready for the strenuous mission which I knew my Son would have on this molded planet, at that time, by the nepotism, freedom restriction and, principally, by the cruel treatment that any citizen would receive if, under his behavior, did not please the powerful ones.


I always had Joseph as my partner, a great friend who also would have the mission to create and guide that boy who had embodied to be the Redeemer. Early, we realized that the boy was very different from the boys of his age: He expressed ideas which did not match to his chronological age. We knew about the preparation which Jesus should receive, but we were not able to follow him, since his brilliant mind had already brought knowledge. Jesus was already a wise man, even being a boy. He himself looked for the wise men and enclosed himself of whom that could help him. With that boy I learnt, mainly, to love and respect the human beings or not humans; kind or not.


By challenging the powerful ones from that age with his words of kindness, but under the firmness of the heroes, He was cruelty crossed, undergoing a way of torture. My heart suffered a pain which only a heart of a mother could suffer by watching her beloved son, a jewel that the Creator had sent to Earth, to be cruelty dead. Under the cross I promised the Lord to devote myself, completely, to the opposite way of those cruel individuals who took away the life of a very illuminated Being, but historically, contributed to the words of Jesus Christ become eternal. At present, in spite of the humanity still be involved a lot by less feelings, I see that the sacrifice of Jesus was not in vain.


I feel deeply honored by taking part in this movement in which the Avatars convey straightly their messages by inciting the human being to a deep reflection of their immense ability, given by the Creator, to change and improve attitudes, thoughts and words. After all this time, I am not the same anymore. As a spirit, I also feel the necessity of changing; to undergo new experiences. The Universe is full of experiences. But here or at any other place, love is a stable feeling that allows us to the growth and improvement. Love symbolizes the mercy, the kindness, the charity and the justice.


It has already been said that on this planet are embodied beings that came from different origins, several other worlds. It has already been said by Lord Krishna that: “if the Earth is inhabited by beings that are from several other places, these beings have different Creators ". The process is identical to what exists on Earth: the being that lives here has a father and a mother and, some of them are children of the same father and the same mother. In the Universe, it is similar, many people are children of the same Creator, but not all of them are children of the same Creator. That aims to awake the human intelligence and release them from all this huge literature that imprisons their ability of deduction and think freely. All of you are similar in attitudes besides having the right to make mistakes and right things, you have good and bad feelings, because all of us are originated from the Great Creator of the Universe, This relation Creator / creature exists in a geometrical projection. It makes an endless relation. Therefore, the Universe is full of mystery, even the Avatars which embodied here or not, face, in front of themselves, a big challenge of mystery.


It has also been spoken about the bipolarity of the Universe. The balance in which is looked for,   bipolarity is involved. It turns the concept of absolute unsuitable, since there is not the absolute thing in the Universe, everything is relative. The label of the good and the evil, this dualism is also relative. How many, by intending to practice the good, are contributing to the restriction of the biggest of all the conquests: the freedom. And others, which caused such evil, gave the opportunity of huge changes. In the plan of the Universe the good and the evil are relative, but, the only feeling that enables the evolution of the being, which makes us increase and brings peace and harmony is the feeling of love.


When I disembodied I got myself ready and joined the Creator help the beings, here embodied, to discover the greatness of a life supported on the examples of the great Masters and on the value of the tolerance and charity, always under a deep respect to the right of freedom, to the right of the human being makes mistakes and the right things. Making mistakes and right things are natural in the whole Universe. Even the one which is in the wrong way, considered adversities and sufferings resulting from the law of return, deserves, in our hearts, the mercy, the tolerance, the understanding, the charity, the LOVE.


The feeling of love is the great feeling propagated by Jesus, able to change and bring the peace and health. Here it has been said that it will not worthy to ask or pray if there is not merit receiving it, because any being, for more illuminated it is, will be able to go against the Universal principle of the merit law. In the premise of helping, it was allowed us to make a hospital to where they were called, and, voluntarily, they showed up, those who had studied the body and the mind and its relations with the diseases. It was invited doctors who here embodied or not. This Legion of benefactors is present in each corner of the planet, guiding and inducing the doctors to the best treatment for their patients.


It has also already been said that the disease is a process of cleaning of the spirit maculated by the behavior. The maculated spirit sends to the body, in the form of suffering. The spirit is pure and if it is maculated should be cleaned. Believe, everything is made in accordance with de ability of one another, because The Almighty does not give a cross bigger than it may be carried and all process of suffering ends in relief. The suffering is the beginning of the releasing process; therefore do not curse the suffering. Thank the Creator the opportunity of removing from your souls the stains created by a behavior not coherent with the principles of the Universal Love


At present, we are all worried a lot about the destiny of the beings that live in this planet. We have been insisting on, all the messages sent, the necessity of a spontaneous and honest change, so that you become better and better. It is just possible to change when one wants, change is a training process. The being will always change and will have new experiences, leaving them different from when they entered. Do not wait for long time; the planet does not have long time.  All of you will be called and then will occupy the place in accordance with your merits, and will be attracted to the plans on which got ready. Do not be startled, there is no need for being afraid, but the Universe is cyclical and this planet, very mistreated, will abbreviate its time of life and will not be able to be the house that it used to be of those who occupy this type of matter. There is no age for this change; it is never late to become better and better. The same pain that I felt under the cross by watching my beloved Son crucified, this is the same pain while observing the mankind, yet, guided by so small feelings.


The women do not respect their bodies. The sacred mission of the motherhood which the motherly love symbolizes the sacrifice, so that a being, recently gotten here, grows in an environment of peace and joy. On the contrary, the small babies are growing without the presence of those which will be the base for their growth. The babies are being killed, yet, in the womb of the mother, under the justification of being undesirable. The woman does not take part in the formation of the baby, so, she does not have the right to take the life of his, creating a very heavy karmic process. The woman does not respect her lovely mission of joined, with a man, produces the body that will be the dwelling of a spirit that has, nearly always, an evolution bigger than his parents. The sex, the vehicle of procreation, is being used as a safety valve and it will cause mental and spiritual disruption. Inside the principle of freedom, the being will be able to choose the way he wants to follow, but, there has been said for many years that the best way is that brings more balance, and this is the way of love.


Like the beings that do not live here anymore, it has been dedicated to open minds of the mankind, but all of us have as the limit, the biggest of all principles, that is the freedom


I wish the Mother Nature always protects you all, be its friends. Fight for your health, abandon the addictions. Change your thoughts, attitudes and words and you will have the peace that our Beloved Master Jesus offered you. Amen.




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