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In this May, when the Christian humanity celebrates the month of Mary, I want to call men and women, old and young for a deep reflection about the decisive facts of the history

of the mankind, considered the great vectors and historical frameworkers.


Most of the historical facts that the mankind celebrates demonstrate the degree of evolution of its differences, treated, nearly always, in the fields of battles, wars, fed by intolerance and hatred.


If the teachings of the Great Masters were adopted like the way of living, certainly, the history of the planet would be told under the aegis of tolerance, justice, kindness and charity, basic beginnings of the universal love.


Yet today, after thousands of years, many differences are still treated in the fields of battle. The Universe has its own laws, cause and effect is one of the principal ones and it manages the destiny of its inhabitants. How many beings that embodied here, barbarously killed by the tip of the swords or by the claws of the animals. This historical of pain and blood is a lively proof of the consequences of the conducts, individual or collective, turned to the one, when smaller feelings predominate. This historical cycle has already demonstrated, many times, the result of a world dominated by intolerance and rage.


It is time for a deep analysis about the consequences and sufferings caused by the dissonant behaviors of the universal love. We call the human beings in order to use the rationality that the Creator gave to them.

We know that the use of rationality, will certainly take them to conclude for the necessity of a deep analysis - What originates first? I have already told you that all the beings gifted by intelligence have the capacity to analyze the relations of cause and effect. Everybody knows, for comparison or for the use of the logic, the consequences of a conduct turned to what is called, bad. Everybody knows the consequences that this behavior will bring, not only for the next one, but to you, too.


In this May, which symbolizes the immense love of Mary of Nazareth for all beings of the Universe, I call them to a deep analysis of the relations of the cause and effect.


As everybody here has already said, only the change of thoughts, attitudes and words will allow to them new experiences. The change is a universal unlimited beginning. All of us can improve our behavior in front of the next ones.


I, Mary of Nazareth, humbly beg you, try to be more tolerant and more generous. Try the strength of unconditional love, a life turned more to the next one than to yourself and you will feel a relief from the tension and the end of the faults.


Changing is a basic condition for the growth.


The time to stay in the Planet is predetermined before the birth. What you call life or incarnation it is a great chance given by the Creator and nearly always wasted, with very little evolution. You could use this chance better: each act, thought or word have a great strength.


The appearing of agents which caused many types of diseases turns the human being’s life very vulnerable. It is necessary to create Campaigns, calling all peoples so as to try to revert this level of negative energy, which will bring so much suffering. Campaigns showing that the salvation of the planet is in the conduct of each one. Campaigns calling for the true revolution of behavior in front of the nature and the next one.


Be intelligent, this life passes fast. The time of life in the Earth is small, but a valuable opportunity for being welcomed in much better worlds.


I wish that the Creator always protect and illuminate you all. And, as Lord Krishna said, do not delude yourselves; each one will always have in accordance with his merits.




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In this May, when the Christian humanity celebrates the month of Mary, I want to call men and women, old and young for a deep reflection about the decisive facts of the history

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