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We thank You, Great Creator, for the opportunity and the immense joy of embodied like woman, have been the mother of whom that became, for his kindness, for his spirit of justice and his life

dedicated to spreading the God's words, not only to the mighty ones, but mainly, to the poor and pursued people, I thank, highly moved, to the Creator the opportunity for having lived with an illuminated Being by his thoughts, attitudes and wise words.


Today I feel thankful to these great People that, for their faith and admiration for the Master Jesus, granted me the honor of being called His Patron. I also feel very happy for taking part of this great crusade which aims to awake the intelligence of the man, endowed by a big capacity and intelligence, able to conduct him on the way of rationality.


It is the beginning of a New Era, in which the human being, in great majority, will find inside themselves, the answers for the great mystery of life. It has been said a lot about the necessity and the value of the change. Just through changing, we will be able to practice the free will by living new experiences, mainly, when the choice is the way of harmony, which will be reached through a conduct of thoughts and words focused in the Universal love. The Universal love is fraternal love; it is motherly and paternal love.


Conduct your lives through the greatness of fraternal love. It was the principal message the Master Jesus  in His last incarnation, which, not only for His words, but, mainly, for His behavior, contributed to a deep transformation. His example illuminated and illuminates the way of many beings, mainly the way of those who still lost and involved in degrading feelings, behavior, thoughts and words that maculate their next, able to disturb through selfishness and intolerance pure environments.


How many Masters dedicated their whole lives in  attempting to awake in each one heart, the great strength of the Universal Love, which will be just reached under the effective practice of the moral values, by exclusion of the “I” ego besides a life turned to tolerance and charity.


If you want the peace which Master Jesus brought you, change your lives. The change is the beginning of the whole Universe. Every being, intelligent or not. The static ones, through the action of time; the dynamic ones, through the free will, has this great opportunity of growing and developing, through the improvement of your behavior and by searching of  knowledge, reaching the several plans that exist in Infinite Universe.


In the day, dedicated to Our Lady of Aparecida, how many examples of faith, how much gratitude for graces gotten, but, I say to you: If you got a grace, it was only and exclusively through your merits.


I have already said that, when I saw my Son crossed and cruelty tortured, accepting His immense sacrifice of, still Young, giving His life in the name of love to the mankind, comprehending that everything that was done from this moment on, nothing could be compared to that sacrifice,  I promised the Great Creator that I would dedicate my whole existence to help the souls that, involved in small feelings, transfer injuries and diseases to the body.


By the barbarism, they crossed who came to this Land only to teach the value of love.


Today in the space, the Creator granted me great joy of directing a Hospital, by counting on compassion and knowledge of countless doctors . These abnegative doctors, endowed by infinite kindness, are present in all hospital beds of the world, always attentive to the requests of those whose bodies suffer from the diseases created by selfish behavior and small feelings. Interacting and helping the human medicine to relieve the heavy weight that the maculated spirit transfer to the body.


Their bodies get sick, mainly, as consequence. They are stains that, due to their behavior, modified the purity of their soul. The disease is consequence, not cause. The disease seldom originates from the physical world, the cause; the origin is in the spirit. Thus take care of your spirits. They will take care of their spirits those who, by using intelligence, practice, all the time, the elevated beginnings of the Universal love.


Be better for yourself, because you have responsibility with your body and your soul. Be better for your next, for worst he or she is. Do not judge. Love the animals, the trees. See the good side of life. The Creator said to you: "I did not make you for unhappiness and disease. I gave you the free will to find the best way". And there is only one way to conquer the peace: the way of agreement, wisdom and love.


All here together, not only the embodied ones need to become aware that you are the children of the Creator whom gave you intelligence and capacity and who have inside yourself a great strength.


All of us are governed by the law of cause and effect, and we will reach all our targets governed by the law of merit.


I, Mary of Nazareth, bless you all. Invoke Mary of Nazareth whenever you need. Supplicate more for the others than for yourself. Give a hand to those which supplicate you. Sacrifice yourself for love to your next.


I wish the love of Christ is the way to your lives. I wish the Creator always protect you all.






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We thank You, Great Creator, for the opportunity and the immense joy of embodied like woman, have been the mother of whom that became, for his kindness, for his spirit of justice and his life

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