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How honored for my tiny spirit, how honored I feel since there is a day dedicated to me, which thousands of people devoted to a bigger feeling called Love, treat with reverence that one who

was the Mother of the biggest Messiah, the Mother of who was crossed because He brought words turned to love, to peace and equality.


When I saw my son crossed, my soul felt a very sadness for being in the middle of such a cruel people, they crossed who that came to bring messages of hope, equality and brotherhood. At that moment, the Divine Holy Spirit touched my soul in the name of the sacrifice that my son went through, because of wanting the good for the mankind.


I promised God dedicate my whole existence to the love, helping my next and open the hearts for the most greatness of a more fraternal life without differences, since we are the children of just one Creator.


Today I see the mankind more developed trying to meet with themselves, but still involved with small feelings of the envy, hatred and intolerance.


My example of a mother who saw her son being tortured because he preached the word of the Creator, serves as message for so many other mothers who see their children turned to a way that they know it will not be good.


I am revered in Fatima, Lourdes, and Aparecida and in so many other places, but the Masters who spoke here demonstrated that there is no need of reverence, since all of us are children of the same Creator. Each one is the owner of his destiny and, by the free will, you are going to have the ability to find your way. Do not wait for miracles or who that does for you,  The Creator gave you the ability to do whatever you want and, through changing, get to reach to several degrees of evolution, up to return to the Creator. That does not prevent from having faith and will to get what you need.


It is suitable, help those who have merits to get the cure or an improvement, but it will never take away the ability the Creator gave you for developing on your own.


Archangel Gabriel, a spirit of great light, talked to you about the disease. The disease begins in the spirit and, since the spirit is clean, it is transferred to the body. Cure your spirits and your bodies will be cured, do not curse the disease; it is an opportunity for the purification of the spirit.


How many phalanxes, how many spirits are working in order to turn our existence in this planet lighter, less suffering, the today’s suffering is a consequence of the past. If today I behave aiming to improve my conduct, controlling my words and my thoughts, tomorrow I will have a happier and healthier existence.


The Creator granted me the privilege of creating a hospital in the spiritual plan, to it is destined the most capable doctors that, for their conduct turned to love, reached and conquered the right of being bearers of the necessary knowledge in order to help those who suffer because of their behavior, using the science of the space.


In this channel the Doctors dedicated to proceedings of cure: Bezerra de Menezes, wise and kind spirit; Campos da Paz, renowned doctor not disembodied for long time, and Christian Barnard, also disembodied few years ago,  a great studious, mainly of the heart as a sensitive organ. Ask these three doctors when you are in need. Ask Virgin Mary who has the sublime task to relieve the pain from the bodies in suffering.


The pain that I felt my son suffer was very important so that I devoted myself to the cure of who suffer.


Foresight and secrets of catastrophes were sent to me. Catastrophes are natural events, the Creator cannot stop the natural course of the evolution of the Universe, but, in his great wisdom (as it that allows the mind does not remember about other lives) and because of knowing about the great bad that this foresight causes to people, it is omitted from their children. The Creator wishes them a happy life, in progress, peace and tranquility and this foresight takes away the peace and the tranquility,  I never neither made foresight for catastrophes  nor I will never make it.


All of those who left messages focused the necessity of an individual changing; an intelligent change that always considers the law of the cause and effect. Action and reaction is the law of the Universe, if I practice the evil, I am not going to get good things; this is the great principle for changing of the attitudes, thoughts and words.


I talk to you on this day in which your homeland commemorates the day of its patron with a hopeful heart that  the intelligence given by the Creator makes them return to the way of balance: do not judge your next, each one has a level of evolution and knowledge; always help, the charity is one of the prettiest attitudes into a relation between people; to love the one who offends you; to love the one who mistreats you, the love is the great instrument in the whole Universe that provides the balance. There is no peace without love, do not think that you are not able, I repeat: all of you are able to.


The life and everything that exists in this Planet is a result of million of years of genetic improvement, its ecosystem is completely integrated, but, by the greed and by the erroneous conduct of its inhabitants, a great imbalance will be able to take place with very serious consequences, since the Earth, as a lively being will react. It being made a great effort for the improvement of the conditions of life in the Earth, but the man with his free will, can destroy the Planet.


Respect your bodies, mainly the woman, who has the sacred mission of the motherhood. Respect your children. Respect your parents.


On this day consecrated to “Nossa Senhora Aparecida” I greet and give you all my love. Be kind and help your next. That Christ's love is always present and the Creator always blesses them.




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