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on 02/11/2008


I was happy for having lived my last incarnation in India, a mystic region. The people from India always live in constant interaction with the nature and Universe by using their mind up to the limit.

The intelligence of the spirit overcomes the intelligence of the body when we interact with the Nature and Universe, releasing us from the smallest feelings. The intelligence of the spirit is almost infinite.


It was felt in my beloved India, for the pacific character of its people, the presence of the vanquisher who took advantage of the kindness, naivety and tolerance of such a spiritualized people, imposing on them a culture completely different from they had for ages originated from many previous generations.


The Indian people would rather the poverty of the matter and fight for the greatness of the spirit, although it does not take their ability of developing attitudes that benefit the matter. Today, more aware of that, they are transforming India in a progressive country endowed by high technology. I speak a lot about India because it was my last experience and because it is an example of society and culture. If the mankind were like the Indians, we would not have so many wars and cruelty.


My body was skinny; I ate almost nothing since I knew there was no necessity of eating a lot. I tried to feed myself with what the Nature offered freely. This small and humble servant saw in the Buddhism the way for self knowledge besides self improvement.


While seeing my people being forced by a nation with complete different values, in one of my time for meditation and pray, I was orientated by Master Buddha to free India from its oppressors through the love and not by violence, He told me: “Violence attracts violence, the love is the strength able to win any obstacle because the love is tolerance, it is the charity and justice, the Indian people need to be charitable and tolerant ”. By the great strength of the love and without using any physical force or violence, the Indians got the oppressors to feel that their culture was different and there was not place for oppressing. Thus they went away with their whole troop.


I come, with my humble words, so as to tell you that there is no bigger force. There is nothing in the Universe that can be compared to the strength of love.


The Indian people when offended by their oppressors who said “you are worms”, they thought “he does not know what he says, for loving him I am not going to create any type of negative feeling”. So we should be like them, when offended, hurt or injured, we should have a deep feeling of respect and  tolerance for whom that offended us, for your wisdom given by the Creator,  yet taken for small feelings, so that, through changing, he may become a more merciful Being and tolerant. This is what the Masters and Avatars are trying to demonstrate: the strength of the change and of the love.


In my prayers I was asking Master Buddha: how come so much suffering, why do so pacific and kind people need to suffer such injustice? and Master Buddha, in his infinite wisdom, told me: "treat them with love and fondling, they are our brothers who are teaching what should not be done”.


It was Master Buddha who orientated me in the mission of driving my people through the way of the victory, being in the way of love. The way of the victory is the way of the love.


As this message will be read in India, I say to my beloved people: continue and teach your children this so noble feeling, able to join people and nations, export this culture because the love infects.


The love is Universal. In the biggest societies of the Universe, the love and the respect, among its members, is lived in highly degree.


At the end of my existence, with the old and tired body, I felt myself so happy because of having freed my beloved India from the invaders’ oppression, without an only shot. This is the message from this poor and small spirit: LIFE WITH LOVE.


I wish Master Buddha protects all and the Masters and Avatars illuminates, mainly, their leaders to turn this Planet more honest, ethic and happier.





on 02/11/2008


I was happy for having lived my last incarnation in India, a mystic region. The people from India always live in constant interaction with the nature and Universe by using their mind up to the limit.

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