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In his message the Extragalactic Being told you that, it is not because I do not believe in the existence of the thing that this thing will stop existing.


In this message today, I will tell you about reincarnation. As it was also said to you, the spirit is pure and it passes to the body everything that stains its purity. The body, through the suffering, allows the reincarnated soul to repair the mistakes made, cleaning the spirit. But as soon as the incarnated being maculates his spirit, a new suffering will allow the necessary learning to purify the spirit again.


It was also said to you that, to the Earth are sent the withdrawn spirits; those who have not gotten the wisdom and the understanding that all beings need to change. And, in just one incarnation, they do not manage to take off the successive stains that are passed to their spirits. When disembody, the spirit takes to the space all the stains and still confined to the planet Earth. So, it is necessary that returns, in order to complete the cycle of cleaning that will allow them to reach the steps of the infinite evolution scale.


It is not given to the incarnated soul the capacity of memory so that it has a new way; it is an opportunity that is offered by the Creator. When the spirit receives a new body, receives a new mind as well, which did not suffer the experiences of the previous life. Above all it is a kind of help, since the memory of mistakes would bring perturbation to the memory of faults. It is the opportunity of beginning everything new. The new mind will be able to remember the facts which the being presents.


This is the great chance the Creator gave to you in order to purge all the evil and, by using intelligence, change your destiny. The one who draws the destiny is the being itself, since it will always be subject to the Law of Karma, the Law of Return and, the Law of Action and Reaction.


Thus, not believe in reincarnation is not a condition for its existence.


Be intelligent, take advantage of this opportunity for, through behavior, change of thoughts, attitudes and words, you can improve your return until you get rid of the connection with this lovely planet but full of suffering.


I will talk about Karma. When the spirit is maculated, when your attitudes contribute to the suffering of the next, you will have to be purified and it is done through the law of Karma. The spirit is not purified in the same incarnation; the Karma is a stain of the spirit and needs purification. When embodies, the spirit asks to come with the consequence that caused to the next: if it caused blindness, asks to come blind; if it had a cruel heart, asks to come with cardiac disease; if killed, asks to be killed; if stole, it will be stolen. Therefore so many people suffer from their evil. They suffer, but they have inside the hope of being purified. For this reason so many deformed beings, with definite diseases, do not present sadness in their faces, but hope by suffering to clean their souls; their spirits will be the great beneficiaries.


That is why the Creator told you that it is a very big Karma when the woman decides to change the chance of a spirit  occupy a body with free will, because of taking away the opportunity of whom that would be her son, and redeem himself  through tribulation and disease.


It was also told you that the Earth is the worst place of the Universe; because the spirits that occupy the bodies need to go through the suffering, so that they meet themselves and their Creator. Fortunately the Creator, in his infinite kindness, allows the beings that already exceeded this phase and, through changing, managed to beat the rage, the envy, the jealousy and intolerance, to help the brothers who still need to embody.


Lord Krishna talked to you about the strength of love. If there were love, there would not be wars and betrayals. So much iniquity, disregard for somebody else's life, you think you have the right of killing and betraying; there is no mercy. These acts and evil thoughts are creating a layer of a very strong negative energy and, as consequence, will bring great suffering. The nature itself will react, causing great destruction. You are waiting and praying and do not make any effort to improve, do not leave the vibratory zone, do not change you habits, do not use the rationality that was given to you by the Creator. So many people, who try to be more and more honest and try to live in conciliation, will also suffer the consequences because the negative strength is involving the whole planet and, as the reaction will bring great suffering.


This effort that is being made, these repeated concepts, aim to awake the human intelligence for the incessant search of a model of life that is beneficial for you and for you next. Everybody knows which adequate behavior for a harmonic life is, but you give in to the acts that do not dignify the human person, do not make an effort to change and, without changing, you will be in the space, because growth is gotten by own effort. Nobody escapes from the law of the merit.


I talked to you about the disease; the disease is an opportunity for the spirit gets rid of the stain and being purified. But, how many diseases! Why so many diseases? If you used the rationality you would not need to pass through so many diseases. If you cultivate the rage, the intolerance and sorrow, degenerative diseases will be transferred to the body, if cultivate the love, the tolerance and kindness, to the cells, will be transferred strength and health. The disease is connected to the evil that the behavior causes to the spirit.


Be intelligent, there is already great information, but little practice. Do not convince yourselves, you are off and on; The Creator gave you ability to interrupt this cycle.


Another reason is the lack of proofs. The man wants proofs, the man says he has faith, but he wants proofs. He wants proofs but do not change, he does not test the other side. Go through the cruelty causing suffering to the next, he does not try being good, tolerant, who causes harmony. Be intelligent, compare the differences: compare the action of a bad man, the result of his behavior, to the attitudes of a good man.


The Planet is just going to improve when each one permit himself to be influenced by the consequences of the practice of the universal love. By training is possible to change the character and personality, but the person is not changed. Many people think that changing is to be another person. Changing is to be a better person. It was already said that all beings change, the change is a necessity for the intelligent being. By learning and practicing everybody changes.


There is a very big Legion of beings of deep love that helps the mankind by bringing them information and stimulating intelligence. The man needs to leave his plan of evolution yet primitive, if compared to the remains of the Universe. The course of life on Earth so many examples and opportunities. This cycle could be abbreviated, by using of rationality that was given to you by the Creator, if you did not permit to be taken by small feelings and if you followed your lives through the way of concordance, tolerance, charity and justice.


Help those who suffer, who ask for bread, tolerate the intolerant ones, forgive the one who offends you, love your enemies, and never consider them as enemies but brothers. It was also said to you that it is not worth it to pray and ask only, because everything will be governed by the law of merit. Everything you have is conquered. And for each one will be given according to your merit, it is possible to ask, if there is no merit you will not get it.


Many things cannot be said, because the knowledge of the truth depends on the preparation and level of evolution. In all plans, all beings have the mystery as a great challenge. In order to win the barriers of mystery a big effort must be carried out, on the plan of knowledge and the plan of behavior, but for each step that one gets to climb in the evolutive plan, will be present different levels of mystery. Lord Krishna also said to you, not to want to go too far on the mysteries that involve the Earth.


Try the benefits of meditation. The meditation interacts with the beings that alter our energy, allowing the soul interacts with the strength of the Universe. Meditating is good for the body, for the mind and for the soul. But, it is not worth it only meditation, more important than meditation is the conscience that all must change. Changing is fight against the bad thoughts; it means to improve attitudes and control words.


The Buddhist Temples, in the whole world, are opening their doors to receive those who look for, through meditation, a strong allied in order to seek for the answers to the anguishes of life. The Temples cannot be closed, exclusive for the monks who, for the habit, could model their minds. It is worthless for a monk to get, through the seclusion, spiritual growth and not to turn this conquest into the biggest objective that is to donate love for the brothers, yet taken for small feelings, because only through the donation and the dedication to the next, we will get closer to the Creator.


Interrupt the cycle of incarnations, through a behavior turned to the next, the charity, the kindness; think more about others than about yourselves, and you will be received in other plans, you will have access to bigger knowledge. All beings of the Universe are interconnected; even those who managed to reach to bigger plans do not feel fully happy because they feel that so many people are still taken by small feelings, mainly those who live on Earth that, for their behavior, are able to contribute to the suffering their next.


But, as it has already said, theirs spirits were made pure and it will always be given them the opportunity for cleaning the stain and redeem themselves for all evil done, for themselves and their brothers.


This Planet has not much time; it has been said many times. Use your rationality, change for better and you will see the benefits and the consequences of a world taken for love, for tolerance, for justice and charity. This is the message that I leave to you: try, with your behavior turned to the universal love, for a better world, for a lighter planet, for a life full of dignity and for the relief from so much suffering, by using the intelligence and reason.




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