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The strength of the Mother Nature gets down its beneficial action on behalf of this too suffering mankind, on behalf of who border on so small ways, on behalf of those who live with their hearts full of hatred

and bitterness. The Mother Nature helps those who want to improve more and more, who want an inner changing turned to the balance between thoughts, attitudes and words. Let’s ask for who that are still involved into these small feelings, because they are also the beings of the same Creator.


The Creator raised them and gave the free will, he gave them conditions of choice. For the choice, one walks for conducts considered correct or those ones considered wrong. The conducts considered correct are those that bring more benefits for all, and conducts considered wrong bring great suffering, great pain, bring separation, division, feed the hatred, the envy, the jealousy and the rage. Yours hearts are always open for the biggest and deepest feelings resulted from the biggest feeling that is the Love. The Love is the great fuel, it is the great element of preparation, it is the great element of union.


How many phalanxes, spirits and extraterrestrial beings, inhabitants of this solar system and others galaxies, are involved now in helping the Earth and its inhabitants of this planet in order to avoid the life here is extinguished. The Universe interacts among itself, everything has connection. A stone that vague through the space has connection with any other stone, planet, star or constellation, all elements that live in this Universe are interconnected, are always interacting. Where there is suffering and war there will be a very negative energy, thus, it suits who reached bigger levels of evolution help in order to disperse this negative energy that will bring only suffering.


The Universe is bipolar, the positive and the negative exist anywhere but, on the most developed plans, the negative strength almost does not exist, such pure feeling, such the thoughts and pure attitudes of his inhabitants. On the Masters, Angels, Archangels’ plans the laws are the same, but the consequences will be different, the Universe is governed by laws, on any plan these laws are applied: action and reaction; cause and effect.


How I admire my followers, they dedicate all their lives to preach the love and give example of this love. How I feel happy on seeing young people in the Buddhist Temples with heart and so pure feelings, praying for a more supportive and friendlier mankind. It is not worth it neither gets isolation nor be happy alone, all are gathered, and all are from the same Creator.


Master as Jesus, as Krishna, as Krishnamurti, as Yogananda, as Saint Anthony, as Saint Francisco, as Saint Agostine, as so many other Beings Extragalactic, as Saint Germain, so many others in useful work aiming to help the spirits incarnated here. They came from many other worlds and tried the determinative characteristics from this Planet: a heavier body, a more rural nature, the physical suffering and the pain, but, that is not bad, the pain teaches, the suffering chisels the soul. But there will be an intention of changing, how much suffering can be avoided.


On my last embody, I was illuminated.  I isolated myself from everything and from all and practiced meditation and I found out that meditation is the best way for interacting with the Universe, because, with the mind connected to problems resulting from the life it is impossible this interaction. The meditation makes it possible; the soul interacts with the Universe independent of the problems of the mind, and the problems of the life.


Meditate, meditate and you will be able to perfect and improve your spirits. The meditation allows that we connect to the most developed beings that transmit us energy and make possible to us to reach conditions much better than those we found.


Meditate, love, help, forgive, tolerate. There is only one way to reach the Creator: returning to him, and in order to return we have to be the same as the He is. The Creator symbolizes everything that contributes to the balance and well being. The Creator forgives and loves without distinction, the Creator protects and helps.


The Universe has many mysteries; even those who live on high level plans are taken by these mysteries, discovering them is the great challenge for the Being, whatever the plan the Being is. If I tell you that the Creator and the creature have closely similarities the creature will be able to become the Creator, the new Creator and the new creature. The new Creator will be able to become the new creature, the new creature, becoming a Creator, will produce a new Creature, it means that you are not creatures of an only one Creator. It can just be revealed now because of the evolution, the improvement of the intelligence. So, see the dimension of the Universe where there are scales of the Creator and creature. The Universe has laws and the first Creator, the Biggest Creator, made these laws. It was said to make you understand: If your God is what He is, imagine the God of this God and the God of another God and the God of another God...


There are marvelous Worlds, the Universe has phenomenal plans for existence, very well developed, very subtle matters. Adore your God, because he raised you in spirit to His similarity.


The body is an experience among the things that this planet offers. The body will be going to dissolve, whoever it belongs, whether the wise man, the poor person,  the rich man, and the spirit will return to his plan or higher plans if it has gotten,  through the effort, conditions for doing it.


The effort that is being done, in which the Master or Avatar, straightly, transmits his message, aims to create in each one, the idea of each one is the same as his Creator and it will be able to return to this Creator, but through his own effort, through CHANGING.


It is difficult to change, because the selfishness does not allow. People thought that it ought not to improve, but I say to you: all of you must improve, the Avatars improve, the Angels improve, they all have to change. The changing is an excellent opportunity to make us becoming better and better.


My beloved children. The Father does not want to see the son on the wrong way; the Father does not want to see the son suffering. That who is on a bad way has the same purity of other who is on a good way; the formation is the same, there is just a lack of, sometimes a small example so that they awake, so that they are taken away from that way and the biggest of the examples, which involves and snatches, the biggest example is the Love. “Love each others” Master Jesus had already said.


The Love is spark that each one carries in his heart, by the Love it is established the biggest of all the feelings, by the love we can convince, the love radiates kindness, tolerance. Between the hatred and the Love, prefer the Love.


Everything you get will be the result of your labor; will be the result of your attitudes. The Universe interacts on what I deserve: If I am doing the evil the Universe will return the evil. If I am doing the good the universe will return the good, there is no another way.


Many free Beings, already freed from incarnations, many beings from other planets, others galaxies are presenting themselves as volunteers for embodying here and helping the mankind by their examples. There is a very big concentration of Beings embodied in India that are dedicated to spirituality, they dedicate themselves by the example, by the words and thoughts to spread the benefits of the good, the love, and tolerance. But these beings embodied here, many of them for the first time, will be centralized in different regions in order to awake, on their people, feelings that certainly will be going to contribute for a better distribution of the income, of the wealth and poverty, more just laws, freedom with responsibility, the free will does not exempt the responsibility.


This effort is happening because long time has gone and the mankind could have answered in a different way. Since the first Avatars that embodied here till today, there was not an answer in accordance with intelligence that the Creator gave the Beings that live in this Planet.


Therefore this effort, awaking for the necessity of CHANGING.


The use of intelligence, reason, the elimination of creeds that contradict the principles and the complete reason, but, the principal is the need of CHANGING, the valor of the noble feelings. Just in this case the mankind will be happier: when its inhabitants behave like brothers.


The changing is not an impossible act, not even an immediate act. Nobody changes from an hour to another, but the training makes it possible, the oriental people know about it. If you wish to accelerate the incarnations, because it is possible to accelerate the end of incarnations: CHANGE.


Change the temperament, change the words, the thoughts, the attitudes. Interact with the Universe through meditation. The Mother Nature gets closer to whom that meditate with the soul, by training, one meditates with the soul not with the mind. For this reason, Masters Hindu can be without eating or drinking for many days, the body receives the food straightly from the Universe. Train the meditation and your lives are going to change.


Believe in your potential, in your ability of returning to the Creator. The Creator gave you this potential : Your hearts are able to love, forgive and t tolerate. Always help who asks you to. They ask because they need, even by using artifices, they need even a word. Do not get as example to you, idols, Saints or Avatars. The Creator gave you similar conditions that were given to them.


About the disease, thank to the nature the disease that you have got, thank the Creator the opportunity to, through the disease, improve and develop spiritually. Through the disease, the body suffers in benefit of the soul, suffer with resignation, thank your disease because the biggest good will be for your soul. It does not mean you should not treat yourselves, that you should not neither look for a relief, but, the disease shows a sense more philosophical than material. It is a great opportunity for winning challenges, changing thoughts and reaching other plans of ideas. The disease does not punish, it is an opportunity of growth.


All of those who spoke here transmitted the necessity of CHANGING, without changing there is no progress.


Finally, I will speak about the time. The time is a way to organize yourself. In the philosophical world, there is difference between today, yesterday and tomorrow, depending on the plan, these three elements get confusion. In this Planet they are more different. Believe in the time, the time shows and teaches, the time is the great donation of the Creator to ease the anguish and suffering. Everything has its time, do not rush, everything will get at the correct time.


The Mother Nature protects this mankind on their way to the spiritual progress, afflicted by behavior that leads to suffering.


May the Creator bless and protect them.




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