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In my planet, everybody has responsibilities and tasks. As the measure of our time is different, the little time that was given me, fortunately, corresponds to an infinity long time on Earth giving me

the opportunity of, all together with other beings, trying to help the mankind to leave from the state of primitive evolution in which it is met and cause so much suffering and has got as the result, the discord, intolerance, hatred, wars, betrayal, lie, and diseases.


Poor mankind in this so marvelous Universe in which the planets propitiate quality for so elevated life, the bodies, fluidly, are born every day, there is no disease and the nature is powerful of life and beauty. Poor mankind for having to coexist with so much suffering in such a pretty planet, but by the behavior of its inhabitants was turned into the worst place of the Universe into quality of life.


How many Masters and illuminated beings embodied here bringing news in which the love, justice, tolerance and charity are basic for the existence of a balanced world, just the social justice and distribution of profits, goods, opportunities and culture will allow the man to remove the veil that covers his faces.Beings who do not accept any type of help or information take risk of being into worse conditions than are found here, about their return to the spiritual world.


My task of trying to help the mankind counts on illuminated beings that try to aware them about the behavior changing. I thank to Lord Jesus, Master Buddha, Master Krishnamurti, Master Yogananda, Saint Francisco of Assis, Saint Anthony, Saint Agostinho, Virgin Mary and so many others that were here trying, for example, to help the mankind to evolute spiritually. I also thank to those who came to Earth bringing information and principles in the area of science and behaviorism, helping the mankind to evolute.


I wish the Great Creator grants me, in my humble mission, the greatness of conquering the minds and hearts for the universal feeling able to transform, join and congregate all feelings together for the common good that is the LOVE. The love is the biggest feeling, the universal feeling able to provide the balance in the relations between persons and peoples, professing the love we will be contributing for the improvement of the relations and quality of life. LOVE means justice, tolerance and kindness; these are the universal principles that allow us leaving from the state we are in order to reach other plans.


There are many plans even in a single planet. The Earth has several levels of existence and the reach of each stage will always depend on the behavior of each one. Imagine, this way, the sequence of plans in this immense Universe, the man came to the Earth, embodied, passing by all the sufferings in order to grow in spirit. The body and the spirit go on, but even in the spiritual plan there is a necessity of learning and changing.


All the lecturers express their concerns by demonstrating the necessity in which the being, for own behavior, changes in thoughts, attitudes and words.


Reread these messages at specific times and you will see on them deeper and deeper aspects. Open your spirits and your minds and let them assimilate the greatness of the thoughts transmitted by Beings with such wisdom.


In his lecture the Extra-Galactic Being told you that “the real existence of the thing is above what I think, if it exists or not”. If I think the thing does not exist, it will not influence the existence of the thing, he also told you not waste more time with veneration since they do not need that, do not stop having faith, but, originally, they were created with capacity to reach their marks.


In my planet we use as instrument of cure rays of energy. The ray that symbolizes the purity and health, the flame able to regenerate and cure is the Violet Flame, origin from much more evoluted worlds. You also can appeal to the Violet Flame, for this, it is necessary a pure heart without sorrow and resentment, on the other hand there will be no effect.


In spite of the time I received is relatively big, the Earth is being mistreated and its time of life, abbreviated. Do not waste more time, do not think that changing is just for the inferior plans. The whole Universe needs to evolute and there is only one way: by changing.


May the Creator protect them and that the Virgin Mary, with his immense heart, bless.




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In my planet, everybody has responsibilities and tasks. As the measure of our time is different, the little time that was given me, fortunately, corresponds to an infinity long time on Earth giving me

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