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All the suffering, all that is passed to the body, aimed at cleansing the soul, the spirit is pure and pure return home to his Creator.

When stained, the Soul passes to the physical body conditions so that through suffering this blemish is cleaned. Suffering is the way that the Creator has loved to turn that spirit, that still lets himself be dominated by small feelings, which lead to his conduct with his great sufferings like, through a cruel behavior.
Cruelty is angered by the condition of Intelligent Being, the cruelty that discredits the practice and becomes an agent of suffering, moral, physical suffering of his brothers; this life of the Spirit macula cruelty after disincarnating suffers terrible moral pain and is given the opportunity to redeem himself, through reincarnation, when you ask to go through that suffering caused in past lives, so it says that no one left the suffering similarly entered.
My Messengers have this incredible mission to pierce the ills of the Spirit for the new body, so that, by suffering, the Being who reincarnates get rid of the shackles, get clean your coincidence, since suffer exactly what made her brother suffer.
Suffering is the school of Earth and hardly being who enter it will no longer live a phase of suffering.
Contrary to what transpires if suffering is a greater chance that the Creator gives us, for us to clean up what the cruelty done by our brothers pass. Cruelty is an unworthy attitude that still exists to a large extent, this planet.
Jesus Christ, dear Master told them pray and watch, and pray asking the Creator to free them from all evil and help them to follow the path of good, Watch your actions, your thoughts and your words so they do not commit, even unintentionally, acts , thoughts and cruel words, that attack their brothers.
The family is the core of the Earth, for the same family are called debtors spirits among themselves, is an immense opportunity that the Creator gives them to redeem mistakes, trimming edges, the family is a divine core.
Yes you can, modify, alter your karmic destiny, through a conscious thoughts, actions and words that Love is the greatest anchor and that sincere transformation erase the stains that spirits have, resulting in another change lives. None will be eternally damned. The Law of Cause and Effect applies to him who has not changed his behavior, that he does not regret the cruel act, even if they do not remember, the Law of Cause and Effect is divine, is fair.
So this conclamação for Humanity is reached closer to the Creator through the Behaviour Change, caring Words can not accept, not agreeing with negative thoughts; loving their fellow men, animals, plants; whole eco system is integrated, an element depends on the other, if one is extinct, many also will be.
If any be, in particular, no longer have to live with the condition of temperature increase, every planet could experience the absence of life. Man, how intelligent being has the responsibility of caring for the planet, take care of the basic elements that give sustenance to life.
Various Beings there are being referred to by their examples, along with those who are there, try to save this beautiful planet.
The Good, the Bad, much has been said here, are relative concepts were created by the same Creator, but everything this planet, everything in the Universe is governed by Law Major of Merit and Cause and Effect. When suffering ask the Creator force, help, He will always be by your side, especially in times of sorrow.
Our Falange not only for the body transmutes evil spirit, for duty of justice, healing is necessary for the Being free from the ills that attracted by their erroneous behavior.
Help their neighbors, who have wrap up the cold, feed the hungry, love the different, the difference is that they will progress, she will give them conditions to climb the infinite planes of the universe, do not judge your neighbor, be honest , be kind, exercise charity, control your reactions, have the joy of being alive, the joy of there; pray to your Creator and give thanks for the miracle they were created, the miracle of having life.




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All the suffering, all that is passed to the body, aimed at cleansing the soul, the spirit is pure and pure return home to his Creator.

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