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It was only by immense goodness , the Masters welcomed us , offering us with their sublime companies .

Humbly I do not consider myself worthy to live with Metres of such wisdom , so much love , examples that have incarnated on Earth , to bring the doctrine to teach the path to inner peace , which leads to brotherly coexistence between individuals and nations , and that many of them were brutally sacrificed much excites me live with Masters like Jesus , Buddha Master , Master Krishna , Master Yogananda , Mahatma Gandhi Master , Master Ramatis Master Saint Germain and many others who stand in the divine hierarchy , they are messengers of the teachings bringing peace, which purify the souls that enable the gradual evolution , through an honest change of behavior , thoughts and words through their own efforts , to step into - in the vast field of knowledge .

That is the mission of the Masters, help , guide , protect those who engage , all who enter the path of goodness , through an internal change that lead them to think more next than in themselves , open their hearts for a life in fraternity , seeking to raise awareness for the happiness of his neighbor, patience training tolerance , honesty , kindness , and all other inherent qualities to those who turn to the All, who abandons the idea of the One.

This is the path, the path of light , to dignify the existence , seeking to live for the whole , and not on himself or few; Masters teach the value of a life grounded on honesty, kindness, tolerance, humility , detachment from material goods ; all of this, what has been achieved will be in this planet, will be just what you are made ​​of good and evil, good will ease his conscience and evil acts will serve as a source of purification and its improvement through the consequences they brought his neighbor .

The spirit is pure , what is the stain bulirará bearing , caused mainly by cruel acts , returning to the planet , how many times are necessary to achieve the status of Master , the Creator .

The planet lives with pain and disease , mainly because of the behavior of their inhabitants , the mistreatment they do to animals , plants, trees , misuse of water , air pollution . The planet could be a paradise , if there was a radical change in the way they treat people and nations , if there were more loyalty, more love for others , this beautiful planet would be heaven , for where would temporarily all those who were attracted by their energy .

This trend underscores the importance of inner transformation , the change of each single path for the evolution of the spirit , because everything is framed in the law of merit , merit implies the effort of each.

Religions have imposed dogma , truths not always true , but the Creator or Creators conceived their children with intelligence, with immense capacity of analysis , logic ; religions no longer meet the high sense of research, search , souls . Therefore , at this time , the planet is in a transition phase in which religions will be replaced by the logic in the beings who dwell there , will be made aware that all depends on each one , that progress will only come through unity , equality of opportunity , of education , of a friend relationship , a relationship between brothers , frank, honest , loving.

Masters say that Love is the greatest force for change , that this planet will experience and there will be a new phase of dealing with the disease . Where love reigns there is no disease , no friction , no wars , for the love of humanity will undergo transformations and sublime human being will , on earth , a beautiful and fruitful stage of its evolution , which is eternal .

That the Master Jesus and the Virgin Mary always worthy protect .





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It was only by immense goodness , the Masters welcomed us , offering us with their sublime companies .

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