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On my last incarnation I totally lived dedicated to the exercise of medicine turned to the poor people, not only the socially wronged poor people, but also the poor in spirit.

I left my body a long time ago and today I direct a hospital that has as its principal protector Virgin Mary. This hospital, receives who have left their bodies still taken for the disease that attacked their spirits giving them assistance, love, medical treatment and preparing them mainly for the return to the spiritual world.


We also work near the embodied people using knowledge acquired in the space with specific techniques. Our doctors are present into the heads of the patients in the whole world, dedicated, they are bearers of elevated humane sense, they acquired scientific-technician knowledge and now as spirits, after deep study, they develop work of charity aiming to lessen the suffering originating from the stain that the bodies reflect from the spirits.


Whom that read this site, many people, if they have merit, they will have the grace of the cure. Everything done in a secret way because the principal objective is to awake in the people’s heart the idea in which the changing is the only way for the growth. The Doctors Campos da Paz, Christian Barnard and Paulo Niemeyer will work with me through this channel, they are highly conceptualized on the Earth plan who specialized themselves in the spiritual plan in order to continue their mission to cure the ill bodies for the evil of the spirit.


The work that just begin will be able to be developed in patients in any step, since they are not karmic diseases. Our mission is to help to cure who that developed diseases that are not linked to their karmic process, there is a very specific purpose about the karmic diseases: the spirit regenerates through a pre-incarnatory commitment: before embodying, the spirit asks to come with a disease that regenerates it.


There will not be miracles but cure inside the principles scientific-technician developed in the Earth and, subsequently, at spiritual world schools. The cure, determined by the merit, will always take place through the dreams, who that needs, should ask Virgin Mary that grants him the cure, if there is merit, blind men will see again; mutes will speak; deaf people will listen again; paralytics will walk and cancerous will get the cure. There is no disease in the body that the doctors from the space cannot cure, but everything depends on the high principle of the Faith and Merit.


The man lives as if there is only the earthly life. How long is brought to Earth the contribution of whom that came here and dedicated all their existence to the explanation in which love is the great vehicle for union and brotherhood and, the kindness and charity are the great vectors for a life in harmony. They forget that life is temporary and one day, they will leave the body returning to the spiritual world, wasting the great chance of improving their return.


On my last incarnation, I dedicated myself to the knowledge. As a doctor, my work was to help those were suffering; I always asked Virgin Mary I could be an instrument for the relief of pain, bringing the health and happiness back. Now, after so many years, I execute the same task in the space, always under the blessing of whom that suffered the barbarism of seeing her son crossed.


The cancer, the current scourge of the mankind, has being reaping the life from million of people. It is a disease originated from contingencies that the body and the mind suffer with tribulations of the modern world, the Creator has given the scientists information that, in the future, will allow the cure or relief from suffering of whom that leave their bodies because of this disease.


The cells interact with the mind: healthy mind and clean heart, with difficult, will alter the cells or cause diversions that will result in this degenerative mutation that such evil has caused to the mankind. Control your thoughts, attitudes and words. Do not overload your bodies with harmful substances and excess of food. Release your hearts from the rage, intolerance and jealousy. Cultivate the love and the love will release you from any evil. The love is a great medicine, it is the great shield of protection for the man. The Creator did not make the body to be sick. Originally, the body is very healthy, able to defend itself against any evil. The sorrow and resentment are food for countless kinds of diseases.


The Extra-Galactic Being, in his lecture, said there was not in the Universe worse standard of life than on Earth, this is because the mankind turned the Earth into the habitat of the selfishness, greed, superiority and intolerance, I have already visited many other worlds and I can affirm that there is not in the Universe worse place to live than on this lovely planet, the Earth. If I said lovely planet, imagine how must it is the life on a planet better than the Earth.


This is a very serious movement without titles and without owner. The great beings who passed by this Planet and many others from other galaxies are seriously engaged into helping the mankind in, its last opportunity, to leave from too low plans.


The Virgin Mary blesses all of you. Amen.




on 01/07/2008


On my last incarnation I totally lived dedicated to the exercise of medicine turned to the poor people, not only the socially wronged poor people, but also the poor in spirit.

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