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This is your huge opportunity. Thank the adored Creator for the opportunity of getting better and better, acquiring wisdom by practicing those actions which are given naturally to all of you by the Creator.

Actions of kindness, tolerance, justice, logic, reason and, fraternity; actions that enhance any Being, that was endowed by intelligence to discern the good and the evil, the right and the wrong.


In my last incarnation, I felt the need of sharing with all those who heard me or read my writings, the teachings that I brought in my heart, the improvement I got throughout my tough way, in the preparation for a life looking at the examples of the great leaders, the examples that teach us to mould our personality, that help us to take from the bottom of our heart those pure feelings, the ones that bring us so much rejoicing; I needed to exteriorize the deep changes in my heart, throughout all my long existence.  The discipline, the knowledge, the will, the will of learning about the heart secrets made me more enthusiastic. I learned to love, to respect the differences, to respect the free will, without distinguishing religions, ethnics. The diversities were created so that we could grow by the differences, learning from each other; even the languages make us to exercise the big mystery that involves the thought, the words and, ideas.


I learned from the examples of the Leaders, the great Masters. I learned to love any lively Being, under the example of Saint Francis of Assisi. I learned from the kindness of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, from Master Buddha’s wisdom, from Master Krishna, Master Jesus Christ, from the purity and the kindness of the beloved Virgin Mary.


I opened my heart for a life in harmony, with a deep respect to the rights of being different from one another, for having our own ideas, our concepts, the right to make mistakes, to do right things, I loved the logic, the reason. I tried to understand the relation between the good and the evil, the right and the wrong; one of the main, the most important attitudes of the one who aroused the necessity of an interior improvement. It is the practice of the biggest concept. It is the understanding of the biggest of all the rights and means given by the Creator that is the Freedom. The Freedom is as the anchor feeling that allows the Being to try several ways that will bring us joy or spiritual progress; even the ones who are in the way out of spirituality step, they have the sacred right of the Freedom.


All of us know that the Universal Laws contribute to the balance of the Universe: the Law of Merit, the Law of  Cause and Effect; all of us are submitted to them; nobody will improve, nobody will enhance without own effort, the way is hard, but it is gratifying, the suffering mistreats, but models.


For many times was spoken here: - nobody starts a process of suffering without having an improvement, nobody finishes it in the same way. The suffering is an opportunity given by the infinite kindness of the Creator, so that the spirit is cleaned of everything that disturbs your development. But, inside the relativity of the things, it is not always that an act of love will be received with joy, without pains, since the main objective is the spiritual evolution, it is the inner growth; the body, the matter itself, has its limited time, it serves the spirit, which is eternal.


It was spoken a lot here and, it will be always spoken about the necessity of the changes of thoughts, attitudes and words. An intentionally programmed changing, the experience and the time are the main factors for the individual change, but, the awakening for this feeling, as  Master Jesus Christ said, enables to skip stages, a conscious and an honest change; the training of a monk, it makes real miracles; practice to be good, tolerant, charitable.


The thoughts are the expression of the inner, they are the internal voices, they are the voices of the spirit, the attitudes are strong, it marks and the words transform, they are able to bring knowledge, wisdom.


Live with joy, since  existing was the biggest present among all that the Creator gave us. As I feel such small, now in the condition of spirit, in this infinite Universe, full of incredible energies, with Beings endowed by such incredible wisdom, how we are small; the evolution is cyclical and infinite, it is like the beginning of learning that never ends; live this great opportunity: feel your feet on the ground, on the sand, on the land, feel the pure air, admire the sunset, the sunrise, the infinity of the stars, the stars themselves, the beauty of a flower, the birth of a Being, the movement of the waters, the energy and the beauty of the clouds, the taste of the food, the beauty of the colors.


Even at the time of suffering, thank the adored Creator for your existence, thank the adored Creator for being purified, through a painful process; the disease, for a spirit embodied on this planet, is rather a great opportunity of inner growth when it realizes in its heart the greatness of  Love, which materializes by the tolerance, justice, the feeling of brotherhood, by the rejoicing, and faith. This, I felt in my last incarnation, the rejoicing for existing, even having a body weakened by the old age. I never stopped thanking the adored Creator for the lovely opportunity that was given to me: living on such a lovely planet, surrounded by many mysteries; even today, free from the carnal body, I see how I am small, how I have to change, to improve, involved by the mysteries even bigger, but possessed by the same faith and gratitude.


I call up your attention to change your lives, to overtake the good side, getting better and better for your brothers and for everything that lives on this lovely planet.


I wish that Virgin Mary, the protector of this planet, bless you all, Amen.




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This is your huge opportunity. Thank the adored Creator for the opportunity of getting better and better, acquiring wisdom by practicing those actions which are given naturally to all of you by the Creator.

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