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I could talk to you in an erudite language, with difficult words and sentences for understanding. However, it would not bring to the announcer the condition of master and guide of souls.

What differs the master's condition is his ability to express himself; in a simple way in order to allow all the beings to understand his words, independently of their cultural level, originating words from his heart.


Therefore this movement in which the biggest beings that have already lived in this planet, together for the first time, bring, in simple words, the biggest among all messages, the biggest among all truths: Everything depends on one another, everything will be conquered.


Religions made the human being wait for a transformation of his life by the others interference and, by the leader’s charity, they wait for a grace. However, under the Merit Law, the goals will be reached only by own effort, as in the behaviorism field as the knowledge one. Even after long time, the human intelligence has not learnt yet that, only under the Merit Law will be able to reach to any progress.


This movement, the Avatars joined in an only one voice, intends to alert the human being that the time is short. The Universe is cyclical and changes constantly. The planets, such as the Earth, are simple grains of sand in this immense Universe. One day the Earth will suffer transformations in which will be unsuitable for the human body. So my beloved children - in all messages, it has been said and in all the next ones it will be said - it is not possible to improve without a deep change on behavior and values.


The Extragalactic Beings told you about our experience in the India Temples and about our training to purify the soul. It is necessary that this training is universalized and the human being becomes aware about it. This way, you will be able to improve by adapting new values in order to feel the greatness of word LOVE.


In their next messages, Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha will teach about love in a more specific way. They are worshiped by the people from Orient and also examples to be followed. Since I was a child, I was raised by reading and practicing the Lord Krishna teachings, through the “Bhagavad Gita” besides so many other documents and writings. Cloistered to the time, under a straight discipline, the pupil is orientated to control his thoughts, his words and meditate about his attitudes. We did not only study the books left by the important masters of oriental culture, but also the Holy Bible and its variants, including the contestable movements which we learnt. More and more we could get the idea of what would be a big change and we could never get if it was not so. The being will not be able to try new attitudes and new concepts unless it is by their own wishes or suffering. How will I know what love is if I do not love? How will I know what charity is it if I do not practice the attitudes resulting from charity? The Creator enabled us this ability. It is not need masters, guides or examples. There is no age or time, the earlier this change and understanding happens, the more the being will enjoy the benefits from this new type of behavior.


Children, do not wait any more! Here, it has been said, there is not long time for the planet. These seismic movements, this revolt presented by the Mother Nature are the beginning of what we already know; it will be the end of the human race, since the human being will not have conditions to live in this planet. When this cycle has been completed, the question will appear:  Where will we go to? The embodied spirits, at the time from this huge transformation, when freeing from their bodies, will be attracted to the evolved plans which they got themselves prepared for, not through knowledge, but mainly, through behavior. Lord Krishna will tell you about the presence of the human being and how each of you came to this planet. It does not the matter of a catastrophe announcement but an opportunity offered to each one, through your merit, conquer a better place. We are united to try, under the basic principle of freedom, helping you to get to a prettier evolved plan, a calmer and more pleasant one, and free from suffering.


Change your lives, conquer your room. Do not wait any more, Master Jesus told you: “You will be how I am ". Any one will be able to be how He is, since you are prepared, disciplined. Train your hearts to be kinder and tolerant, take away the sorrow, the bitterness, the hatred and the jealousy and you will begin to feel the greatness and the benefits of a life based on Love.


I wish that Virgin Mary, women’s protector mainly, protect you all.




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I could talk to you in an erudite language, with difficult words and sentences for understanding. However, it would not bring to the announcer the condition of master and guide of souls.

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