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I greet this great spirit of light that in his last incarnation received the name of Anthony and was glorified by the Catholic Church with the Saint's title. I greet Saint Anthony and his phalanxes who have been working

so much for the remission besides being helped the mankind. But, their efforts would be much less, if the human intelligence had practiced the ancient teachings brought by the Masters and the elevated principals of the universal love.


So much has been studied, so much research in the behavior, mind and spirit area, so much technological development but, the best way is always the simplest thing. We study Vedas, the Holy Bible, the Koran and so many others. We go deeper into complex texts and. However, we stop practicing the simplest teachings. The New Era is the time of simplicity and the foundation of love is simplicity. It is not worth it the vernacular, rich in words, but poor in objective, because it escaped from simplicity. In the field of behavior, a single word summarizes everything that is written in the books, so easy to be said, but so difficult to be applied, all this literature might be summarized in only one word: LOVE.


By cultivating the love, we contribute to the balance.  Love is present in the words and examples of the great beings that went through this planet, not only those who were distinguished in the field of behavior but also those who raised themselves up in the field of knowledge. Saint Francisco of Assis joined himself to a great Master who lived here inside the simplicity of a kind behavior turn to, exclusively for love. Lord Krishna told you that with love you will conquer the Universe and only through personal effort you will be able to survive the principles that orientate the love in the field of behavior as well as in the field of knowledge.


All beings, from any plan of evolution, have in the mystery their great limit. The mystery is the flame that illuminates the way of those which look for the truth. When we come into the field of the mystery we find our limit, since the study of the human soul, of the mind and behavior also find a great mystery. In any plan of existence we will find the mystery. The mystery is the great motivation for the eternal search of knowledge.


For long time, the human intelligence was blocked by dogmas and established truths. Many beings are embodied with the sacred mission of, for the example; leaving behind all this literature that, for long time, kept the human mind clutched to principals that only led to stagnation. They were and they will always be the great renovators that, by their shrewd, will be able to exert great influence, showing new routes.


Stop imposing literature that only blocks the man’s intelligence. The Creator made them free and endowed by great ability to look for the best way. Do not be attached to what is written. The truth is inside your heart. Who wrote, wrote what he believed, but it is not always what I believe that will be enough to measure and guide other intelligences. In his message, the Extragalactic Being left is pretty clear, when he said that, even among disembodied beings, who that consider themselves able to change or exert influence to change their next, will be stagnated for long time, because there is only one being able to change us and we can do it by ourselves, . By experience, study and effort, only us will change our ways and will be able to, by own effort, reach to several plans that exist in this infinite Universe.


When I was studying in the temples of India, the Sacred Scriptures, Vedas, and the thoughts of Lord Krishna and Lord Buddha, in certain phase, made me happy and I spent the rest of my life pretty honored because they called me Master. Today, by feeling the vastness of the Universe and the greatness of the beings that live in it, I see myself as a small serf, and, I certify that my knowledge is simply nothing such magnitude and so vast the way which I still have to go.


Between the study of what was said or what is imposed, between the study and the practice of love, prefer the acts that contribute to happiness of the next. Do not be attached to documents and writings, because it is more valuable a life devoted to charity and love than an existence turned only to knowledge. Everything that was said and written refers to an era. The only truth that crosses the time is the greatness of the Love.


In the New Era, proselytism will be set aside, the great speeches and the difficult words, everything will be substituted for simplicity, for a dignified life, for the biggest principles of the Universal Love. All the Masters and Avatars that have been giving their contribution, aiming to awake the mankind for changing of attitudes, all of them, do it by using a simple vocabulary.


Simplify your lives, the best and easiest way is to look for rationality in the things; it is always to live in harmony, even if at disagreement moments; be a conciliator; live under honesty, practicing justice and charity. It is in the simplicity we find the solution for the biggest problems.


The great Masters are very simple beings. This is the way I decided to follow; the way of humbleness and simplicity. Just now, after disembodied I discovered, through the example of the great Masters who left their messages here, that I knew nothing and an extensive literature is worthless in a closed heart. I left the literature aside and opened my heart, wishful the Creator makes the opportunity possible in order to help the next as a small serf.


This is the message I leave you; the way of growth not necessarily passes by the search of knowledge, because more important than knowledge is the search for a simple life, mainly, dedicated to help who suffers besides helping the next one. Do not look for evolution only in the books, practice the acts that, certainly, will drive you to higher plans always orientated by the principles of Universal Love.




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I greet this great spirit of light that in his last incarnation received the name of Anthony and was glorified by the Catholic Church with the Saint's title. I greet Saint Anthony and his phalanxes who have been working

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