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In my beloved India there is a concentration of the biggest followers of the doctrines turned to love. The Indian people disdain the material world, but their existence is supported

by Vedas’ teaching, Buddha, by the big Yogi Masters, spreading through the world the ideas for a behavior always turned to tolerance, kindness, for the serving and for unconditional love. While it is not the way each one acts, the world will be divided, there will be wars, brothers against brothers, the wars are the result, mainly, for lacking of tolerance and love.


The intelligent being makes questions, inquire. He/she wants to find out the secret of life, wants to find out the truth, but everything is inside each being, the truth, the Almighty created it when the soul was created; each soul has got itself the basis of the truth, we do not need to search these bases with leaders, saints or martyrs. The truth is between the Almighty and each of us.


The good or bad experiments are going to change our character; they will be preparing the soul to get closer to the Creator. Jesus Christ and Buddha brought us so much information, so much truth, but the principal is the will for changing, unless you change, you will not leave from the point you are, the changing is the best of the attitudes of an intelligent being.


The Cosmos is dual, bipolar, there are always two sides: the good and the bad; the right and the wrong and the free will gives us the ability to choose. If we choose the evil, we will get the evil consequences: suffering, insanity, sickness; on the other hand; if we choose the good, we will get smoother ways, we will get information that will help us to keep our health, and we will have more tolerance, we will get sufficient knowledge to become happier, through dedication and love to your next.


This big message that this channel has the responsibility to diffuse: the message of changing. Everybody, everybody, can change and become better, for worst the person is, for worst his/her behavior is, he/she has inside himself/herself the ability to win the revolt, the hatred, the intrigue, the envy, and from this point on, cultivate things that lead them to higher steps for spiritual evolution.


No Avatar was born Avatar, it became an Avatar through a changing process, the changing is forever, the changing is continuous and there is no perfection, there are evolution steps.


When I had been embodied a little while ago, I ran through the world, mainly America, after spending my youth getting ready for India’s monastery so as to disseminate Master Buddha’s ideas.  Buddha told: “The man is what he thinks, speaks and what he does” if this triangle is pretty correct, the individual is in balance, but, if one of these three sides is in unbalance, it will be able to cause psycho problems besides problems for the body. It means: control what you speak, what you think and what you do, along the way you will find a big balance.


The occidental people is too immediatist, work for their maintenance, work for entertainment, they forgot it was not for this reason they came to the Earth. The man came to the Earth to grow up, develop, and learn in the conditions the Earth offers, the spirit does not need food in order to grow, so many Buddhists and Yogis rarely eat, they practically live almost from the food in the nearly aerial condition; they extract the prana from the food, how many Buddhists do not have sex, do not have money and are examples of tolerance, kindness and humbleness. These pleasures will be here, but the spirit will go on, the aim is spirit evolution, the body serves to the spirit, we will not abdicate from what the Almighty gave us because what He made is important is divine, but, it is necessary to know the importance of each one in performing their tasks, it is an act of wisdom.


The habits linked to the spirit need to be above the habits linked to the body, the emotional controls need to be above the uncontrolled acts, the Almighty gave us all information and the science has already known what is possible and what is not, you are able to have a health life living with the Nature, do not strike the body, the body is a present; you must take care of it. It is a must to take care of the body that could be given to another person but it was given to you. You must take care of your body. This is an obligation to the Mother Nature, you have an obligation to your conscience by taking care of your soul and spirit as well .  


As I said before, the Cosmos is bipolar, there are always two sides: the right and the left side; the right and the wrong side, by free will and intelligence why choose the worst, why choose the suffering, why choose what will bring you so much pain. Choose the best side, which is going to bring peace, happiness, and calm. The Masters have already brought this side, since Buddha, Jesus: “love each other”, be tolerant, benevolent and charitable, and help to who is in need. This is the way; this is the changing for a better world.


This is the message I give to you; changing. Change, change, change. The changing is forever, the Avatars change, the Angels and Archangels change, all intelligence change.


The mystery is the big propulsion from Cosmos, all Cosmos is splendid of mystery..


I wish that Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary and the Master Buddha protect this too suffered mankind because have not practiced yet, individually, the biggest wisdom of changing.


I wish the Almighty blesses this mankind. Amen!




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In my beloved India there is a concentration of the biggest followers of the doctrines turned to love. The Indian people disdain the material world, but their existence is supported

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