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It has already been told you that Beings who reside in several other planets, in this infinite Universe, come to this small planet to go through, voluntarily,

their suffering in order to get rid of ropes which distinguish them as rebel beings. Thus, the ones who live on Earth come from different worlds, it has already been told you in different opportunities.


Well, if they come from several other worlds, so they are made by different Creators. It means that the beings that live here come from different places, since they were made by several Creators. They are similar according to the characteristics determined by the biggest of Creators. They feel fear, rage, jealousy and bitterness, but in their origin, they have pure feelings such as kindness, charity and, tolerance. They experiment adverse feelings and to them, devote themselves inside the basic principle of freedom.


Thus, Children, the fact of coming from different planets as well as have different Creators, gives you an immense diversity of thoughts, attitudes and words. The most developed the Creator, the most developed the creature. In a same family the diversity of behaviors shows that the origin comes from several Creators. It does not aim to create emptiness, doubts or even take you the faith away, but, a new cycle of information which the human being will have in this difficult transition period from a worn planet, by behaviors that attacked its structure. The planet does not have much time. The cataclysms which have been happening already show that the planet is in final phase. Therefore the Avatars are speaking straightly without intermediaries, calling to a change of thoughts, attitudes and words, so that they may be attracted by the magnetism of the Universe and may live in better worlds.


This is the aim of this movement: to help the human being to be attracted to a place in accordance with his merit when it leaves the body. This is not an announcement of a catastrophe, but an appeal so that your intelligence compares the consequences of a selfish conduct with the consequences of a conduct turned to Altogether. You will be nearer your Creators, those who turn their lives and feelings for the benefit of all, even if it requires a great sacrifice, like the ones who came here and were sacrificed for preaching love, tolerance and justice.


There has been also said here that it is worthless to pray neither without effort nor merit, since the merit will always be of whom that himself dedicate to Altogether. There is no other way to improve, only by transforming your behavior; there is no way of growing if there is no transformation of thoughts, attitudes and words. There has been spoken for many times about the strength of love. Love builds a magnetic field of a very big intensity, which results in bringing benefits to people, unlikely the hatred that brings suffering and disharmony.


Change your lives, train in order to become better and better. The oriental ones train, persist and can leave this incarnation better than when they arrived here. The planet is a huge family which would be happier if the beings could live here handling each other as siblings, helping and practicing  charity, making the next ones lives easier, by loving and respecting the animals, the vegetables and everything that is  alive.


Try the strength of love and you will feel that the light of your hearts will irradiate.  By Love the Universe is conquered.


There has been also said about the merit law besides the law of cause and effect. They are basic existent principles in the whole Universe. Each being will have what is deserved, each being will have what they conquer. It is the law of the action and reaction: if you live in the evil it will attract the evil; if you live for the good it will attract the good. These are the real truths; the mankind will not be able to still tighten to dogmas. No Avatar created dogmas, the institutions created them and removed from the Being the most precious gift; the freedom. The rationalized faith makes the Being grows, it makes both mind and spirit get into field of vibration which will have as consequence peace and health. The peace, whom Master Jesus, in his last passage on the planet, called: “I give you my peace and the chance to conquer it.


The peace which He conquered is inside your heart. Do not look for the happiness out of yourself. The Creator gave to all the ability for meeting each other. Change your lives; be dedicated to the good and tolerance. Toil your existence, basing on your attitudes on the high principles of the Universal Love. So many people handed by suffering and had the evidence of the strength of Love.


It is time for the human being shouts for freedom and gets rid of the ropes and dogmas. You do not need guides or examples, because you have got inside your heart the whole capacity for transformation. Meditate, the meditation makes the soul interacts with the beings of the Universe, but, above all, practice good attitudes and you will be contributing to a better world and to make your next happier. Nobody will be happy alone, Archangel Gabriel said to you: “God helps everybody, through everybody ". Be the one of whom God uses to help to all!


This is my message. Change your lives based on the basic principles of the Universal Love. Loving is to forgive, it is to practice charity. It is tolerate and help who needs, not only providing material stuff, but mainly, by attitudes and words.


Master Jesus came to Earth to teach you to revive The Ten Commandments. The mankind needs to revive and practice the wise principles of The Ten Commandments of your Creator who will always be by your side, in the times of joy and sorrow.




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It has already been told you that Beings who reside in several other planets, in this infinite Universe, come to this small planet to go through, voluntarily,

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