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I am Krishna; my followers call me God and cultivate my words left, among you, thousands years ago. They cultivate the symbolism by giving me plenty of forms besides propagating me through chants.

They purify their souls through an internal revolution in behavior, thoughts and words, praying, mainly, for their next ones. How many of them, through the time, currently are by my side, irradiating the pure energy of tolerance, of love to their next and of charity. The Temples, throughout the whole Planet, work in the same way standardizing chants and ways of acting, training to be better and better, offering, mainly, the example.

Oh My Children! The moment of an internal revolution has arrived. It is the time of the human being, whom was made pure in the image of the Creator, inquires everything that was learnt, everything you did and everything you do.


Do your attitudes contribute to a happier world? Does your behavior, for yourself and with your next one, contribute to the harmony and for the universal fraternity? All species were created to live in a group. How many species of irrational beings contribute with their attitudes and devotion to work and to their next, for this immense balance, while the human being, which says himself as rational and endowed of intelligence, is involved by the harms of intolerance, division, betraying and by the evil predominance. Those who say themselves rational are destroying the planet, unbalancing the environment and putting in risk the existence of all.


The Creator gave them intelligence and this intelligence is their principal vector. With this intelligence, it is taught and it is learnt, mainly, by the example. The Creator gave to all the basic feelings. Right after the birth, the mind already distinguishes the good and the evil, the right and the wrong thing, but, under the free will, even taking into consideration the good influences that surround one, return to a marginalized life and lose himself in the dark labyrinth.


They live with their soul frightened, they let their lives be taken and do not try to seek different ways. They drowned themselves in the rage, in the envy and in the intolerance and receive back the disease, the remorse, the guilty feeling and the madness. However, everybody has inside himself the capacity to choose the best way. Your creative intelligence is always alerting you for the possibility to change and improve your thoughts, attitudes and words. But, this immense strength of purification, which acts straightly in the human hearts, has not been managing to enter in the vibratory field darkened by the conducts that will only bring you suffering.


However, even not accepting or not wanting to leave the state in which they are, they have a firm determination of changing the life. The natural cycle of suffering will cause, ahead, some change, since nobody leaves the cycle of suffering like it began, but, the change will only happen when the Being wishes. The Creator gave you intelligence and capacity of analysis, gave you rationality. Inquire. How is your life? Even if everything is good, the change is a step towards new experiences. Oh, My Children, I, Lord Krishna, say to you under all humility: I do have to change and how much effort I have been making in order to be better and better.


All the messengers who have left their ideas here are unanimous, because there is not another form in front of an absolute truth.


Also, like they all said here, the Universe is full of mystery and all the beings have limits, which will be able to be transposed through a great effort. The levels of wisdom exist in a geometrical progression

It is the time of the human intelligence gets rid of everything that was written demonstrating the idea of the wise men and the masters. It is time of leaving behind the difficult literature. The more evolved the Being, the simpler he is. It is time of revising the writings from who were dominated by their ego and used sentences and expressions of difficult understanding. The human being has an equivocated concept about the quality of the transmission of an idea: if the sentence was written with a vocabulary which few know, this sentence was said by a God. The Extragalactic Being taught you, with his immense capacity of rationality and intelligence, that you should not cultivate examples. You just need to improve, since you already have inside yourself an immense capacity to win obstacles, which are phases of learning. The disease, the poverty, the loneliness, the sadness, the rage, the lack of love and the intolerance are phases of your leaning and, by the consequences, good or bad attitudes will be able to be adopted.


As I have already said, it is time of the humanity is released from the writings that were not made with purity in the heart, nearly always induced by the ego and the vanity. Do not open books, you do not need books, all of you have the capacity that was given to you by the Creator. Always choose the best way: the way of justice, kindness, charity and, tolerance. Respect the nature, take care of your bodies and you will have the consequences you have waited for a long time, and, when you return to the spiritual world, you will be received in better plans.


Do not complicate your lives; follow the way of simplicity and love. Do not judge, tolerate; be friends of all. Meditate; the meditation links the spirit to the Universe. When everything is disturbed, keep your calm and you will have better conditions to solve the problem Collaborate with your attitudes to dignify and to improve the life of all in this planet; if each one makes his part, the life of the group will be more harmonious and the spiritual and material progress will reach to a bigger number of people.


Be strong in the adversity and kind in the victory.


Being in the body is an experience of the spirit; all of you will return the body to the nature. When you are in you spiritual plan, your mind will charge you: " I had the chance given by the Creator and what did I do to improve myself, what did I do to help the next one?”


Do not bluff yourselves with promises, everything will be conquered...




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I am Krishna; my followers call me God and cultivate my words left, among you, thousands years ago. They cultivate the symbolism by giving me plenty of forms besides propagating me through chants.

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