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The Universe is transforming itself constantly and changing is its principal characteristic. The Universe is renewed by changing.


The changing is the principal characteristic of the intelligent civilizations because intelligence is a dynamic talent and has in the change a vast field. The changing in the Universe happens through the time, in the space and in the form, and the necessity of changing is constant in the life of any Being.


So many Masters have been invoking here the necessity of the human being looking for an improvement through the basic beginning of changing. Changing is a search, an eternal search for the perfection and for knowledge.  Changing is a necessity of all the intelligent Beings : everything in the Universe changes, even the raw material changes because the action of the time.


The human soul, when embodies, feels necessity to look for changing taking the Being to an eternal search in order to solve the great mysteries that are around the conscience and mind. Changing teaches us that the mystery is the great fuel for searching of knowledge of all the Beings related to the Universe.


In the field of human being there has been explored a lot in order to find solutions for the great mysteries of life. Every time that a researcher finds out an answer for what it was considered a great mystery, it finds another one that is bigger in intensity. This conflict the human soul faces, this is nothing else than a search for answers about the great mystery of existence.


As it has already been said, the mystery is fundamental and it exists in all plans of the Universe, even for the Creator. The Universe is wrapped up in mystery.


The physical and chemical laws that exist in the planet or galaxy are not necessarily the same for other worlds in the Universe. The Universal science is the great mystery of the biggest of all the Creators. On Earth, the Mother Nature offers you conditions for research so as to solve problems as well as for searching better conditions of life. Do not want to go through the study of the mysteries, since the mysteries that wrap up the Earth are in its limits. Many researches will be accomplished so as to improve the quality of life of whom that live on Earth.


It has already been said that in the Universe there are several patterns of intelligence and infinite types of substance and the right of search was given to everybody, through their merit, a better existence plan, but without a definite time. And in the school of Universe, in spite of trying, many people will never reach to better plans, since the intelligent being has to make a lot of effort, it has to change and learn a lot, not only in the field of behavior but also in the field of  knowledge. It is like if it were a school of infinite levels of knowledge. Therefore, I say to you: without changing and new experiences you will be wasting your precious time in trying to reach to bigger plans of evolution.


In my previous message I talked about the strength of Love in which by the Love you will conquer the Universe. Love is the biggest expression in the field of the behavior. Through Love, the Beings and Nations get a life in balance; it is the best solution for all cases. Love means kindness, tolerance, patience, justice and charity. Who loves does not judge, who loves forgives.


The Love will lift you up in the plan of behavior, but great effort will be made in the plan of knowledge. Therefore there are many plans of evolution. Those who are in the smallest plans, through changing, conquered them by distinguishing themselves in the field of behavior and being lifted up in the plan of knowledge.


The plan of knowledge comprehends the study of the great mysteries and the Universal laws and, it is as infinite as its limit. That is why there are so many plans of evolution, not only around the Earth, but in all planets and galaxies. These plans multiply themselves in a geometrical progression. Imagine the wisdom in the field of behavior and knowledge of a Being like whom that left a message bringing words of such wisdom, imagine the level of knowledge and behavior in which the Extragalactic-Being lives. For us, the power and strength of Extragalactic-Being in the field of behavior and knowledge, are in an energetic unimaginable field.


We have a very long path for changing, effort and sacrifice; all of us have this path. The Masters and Avatars acquired this condition by distinguishing themselves in the field of knowledge and behavior, but only regarding to their planet, in this case, the Earth.


I brought you these words in order to stimulate your intelligence, yet primitive, but already able to absorb these information. For this reason, all the great Masters who spoke here focus on the necessity of an inner changing like the only way for the growth. They also said that, we all have to change.

The canticles, prayers and religions are support, but the principal, is the will. This ability of learning and changing is innate. The Creator already awarded a prize when gave you a level of intelligence which you have.


The Earth is in its final phase. It will not bear the immense heat for long time that becomes hotter and hotter, with the devastation of its forests and the pollution of its air. The planet does not have long time. I said and repeat: Get ready to go back to the world of the spirits but, a better plan and just through Love you will be able to desire the return to a better world.




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The Universe is transforming itself constantly and changing is its principal characteristic. The Universe is renewed by changing.

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