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Centuries, how much time went by and the human intelligence did not respond to the appeals and teachings of the Masters whom embodied here, teachings always turned to love, to the balance

into the socioeconomic relations, between persons and peoples relationship how much suffering the mistaken behavior of the Beings who live here blame all who have lived live.


This lovely Planet is a result of million years of improvement, its ecosystem has a balance supported that gradually is being destroyed, not by the time or by the biggest Law of the Universe, but, mainly, by its indiscriminate use, the indiscriminate use of its components. We are preoccupied about what is going to happen in a couple of time, if this degradation continue and not be done a great effort to stop the aggression against the nature.The Earth is a lively Being and it already begins to react, if the life is extinguished it will be one more celestial body that will vague through the Universe, without perspective of improvement, without any possibility to contribute for the evolution of the Beings that still need to pass by the suffering to acquire the necessary wisdom in order to return to the house of the Creator.


There is only one way for improvement, for reaching successively the plans of knowledge and wisdom: the inner changing based mainly on the noble principles the love. The love is the only way in order to reach the wisdom,   the knowledge, in order to get closer and closer to the Creator.


The Creator in His deep conception gave us the opportunity of choice, the free will is a distinction to all Beings of the Universe. A wise man is that who prefers the love to the hatred, the love to the intolerance, the love to the jealousy, the love to lust, the love is the great objective of those whom want to leave their small feelings for a world of existence where the sole one turns into all and all becomes the sole one, where the solely always gets lose in order to promote the greatness of all. The creation is all, the solely is a part of the creation that one day will be back to all.


The Universe is full of intelligence and several types of life, the more wise and developed the Being is, the less dense is his matter, is lighter, there are many mysteries on all plans of the Universe; how many mysteries exist for those who live in any planet, the Universe is forever, the Universe é mystery and the Love is the great strength of balance in any point of this Universe.


Love, love, love. Loving is dedication, it is well-liked, it is tolerance, it is understanding, it is not to judge for worse your similar is. He is as same as you, it was created by the same Creator. They are experiences and opportunities, we should not judge.


This planet is destined to the Beings that want to grow through own, specific experiences of the Planet Earth. It is not a planet for punishment, it is a lovely planet that has its own characteristics and laws of balance, which originated the Beings for several other planets that come here to contribute for the evolution of the human race and of the planet itself, bringing from its worlds, principles, knowledge and information, creating here a planet organized by laws, with justice and well being, but it is not created here, it is all a sum originated from another planets, laws, ideas, everything comes in order to improve the pattern of life.The Creator accepts that the Being embodies with the mission to discover a medicine, a new beginning, a material, something that comes to improve the life of the inhabitants.


Unfortunately the lack of knowledge and love to the nature and the greed are leading the planet to a very dangerous situation. Be on guard, prepare his return, the returning to a better world, to a less heavy planet, with more simple life, where its inhabitants have deep mutual respect, where the love is the principal element in a relation, as personal as in any type of relationship.


I had never spoken before. My followers cry out through chants trying to open the hearts for the savior, to the biggest of all the words, the biggest of all the feelings, the only one that will be able to improve not only this planet, but the Universe, which is the LOVE. The love is the great flame that allows the evolution of the Being, which allows the balance, without love the Beings degrade themselves, the nations wage war. If there were love there would not be wars, there would not be discord and hatred, if there were love there would not be poor or rich men, there would not be hunger and cold. The love, my children, is the great impeller. With love you will conquer the Universe.


The Mother Nature, always attentive, protects this Planet and the Creator illuminates the souls of the Beings embodied here in their sublime task in contributing for a more human, more peaceful, more honest and more loyal planet.




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Centuries, how much time went by and the human intelligence did not respond to the appeals and teachings of the Masters whom embodied here, teachings always turned to love, to the balance

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