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The mankind takes a big risk. It is the beginning of big transformations, not only in its structure, but principally, transformations of personal character, not based on the rational

use of the intelligence, but as the result of the big reactions that the planet now starts.


As Saint Anthony said, the negative layer originated from thoughts, attitudes and words against everything good that the Creator enables them, is attracting to this planet agents, which will cause great pain and suffering. New diseases entirely unknown by the science, agents that will cause the great first extermination of this new Era. It is not a catastrophic foreseen, but this is already in the air, the sensory ones have already realized it. There will be a deep transformation unfortunately based on suffering.


The mutation and the creation of virus are straightly connected with the level of negative energy that covers the planet. The rays of the sun suffer mutation while entering the layer of the Earth and these rays, modified, are terrible agents of diseases never seen before. That is it, the historical cycle of the Universe, but accelerated by diseases. This negative strength creates a shield that absorbs only the evil and the positive energies cannot transpose easily. As consequence, the suffering will be spread and the diseases will reap the life of many people. This appeal to the matter, to the pleasure and to the lust, this uncontrollable energy of the sex, treasons, vengeance, the absence of the minimum care to somebody else's life is creating a very strong energetic field that, as said, will bring many consequences. The effects will be devastating and the bodies will not have strength to support them.


All of them, in their messages, ask you all to protect your spirits, involving yourselves in a layer of thoughts, attitudes and words that create an energetic positive field which acts on your aura. But, it will require a great effort because the way of the kindness is very hard and difficult for the conditions that here were created. It was established a civilization based on the sole, it is only thought about yourself and your family, it is not thought about the one who is fallen on the street under hunger and cold, sick without even having a chemical relief for his pains, without any medicine. Each one is at his home, without worrying about his next one, acting in an irrational way, without measuring the consequences of his acts.


And they will say: “The Almighty is punishing the man! ". No, God is always helping the man; the man himself is digging his destiny. It was already said that, to the intelligent being, the free will and the freedom was given, but all of them are submitted to the law of the cause and effect: good things will attract good things; bad things will attract bad things. When the catastrophe is installed, the man is going to remember the existence of the Creator and will be moved by the suffering of the next one, not forgetting that the attitudes of each one will have contributed for the appearing of this reaction that, I repeat, will bring great suffering and it is not far from happening.


We, Angels and Archangels, who take care of the preservation of the life in this planet, will not be able to do anything, since in the Universe, the existence is cyclical, but the attitudes can accelerate this process of extinction.


It was never seen in the history of the mankind such hatred and quarrels. Parents killing children and children killing parents, forgetting the great sacrifice that they did in order to give education to them, treating them like animals. Taken by the vice, they lost the notion of dignity. Relating to sex, the man behaves in a way worse than the animals. A beautiful relation between beings in order to procreate turned into a field of treason and promiscuity. The animals set the example while having sex with respect to procreate. The material, the advertisements, the consumption. The only way to succeed in life is having goods, and, in order to obtain them, they do not measure efforts. They take money from schools, from the hospitals. God does not give to anybody the right of having goods from somebody else's suffering. The Creator, in one of His passages, said that the man do not need a lot to have a worthy life and He will always hear your prayers and will give you what is necessary, principally, within the law of the merit. It is not worth it to think that it is not for you and everything that has been said is for the others, that is a thing for long term. It is for you and it is a thing for short term. At least you could consider even as hypothesis. You do not want to change. There will not any way of growing if you do not change. The rebellious spirits, taken by the capacity of creating the evil, are sowing and they will feel in their own skin all the suffering that their attitudes cause to the others.


We Archangels, are not messengers of catastrophes, we are protectors. We ask the Merciful Father for all, whom tread through the way of the evil, we are peaceful and tolerant and a deep love rocks our hearts. And for this love, I come to tell you about what is not far from happening. Call the good people in order to make them try to become better this so closed energetic field, this time of wars, hatred, treason and vengeance.


Reformulate your ideas and concepts. Practice the tolerance, the kindness.  Do not judge your next one. Practice the charity and the justice and you will be contributing to the improvement of all. You will be contributing so that your spirits, when called, are attracted to better societies. The human senses do not realize, but the beings get organized in a very similar way to the model here existent, that, as Krishna said, was brought from the outside by those who came here to brush up the intelligence of the man.


The temptation is big, the way of the evil is wider, but look for the reason and perfection inside yourselves. Reject thoughts that will take sufferings to the others, each one will get that in his way, but even slight their improvement will already taken part in the stock of experiences.


The Universe is cyclical and infinite, but in order to continue in the way of the light is necessary to acquire light, through good behaviors. The bad behaviors turn off the light, until you are in total darkness. That what is happening with this planet: the light is being turned off, and this dark layer is taking great part of the planet. There is only one way of dissipating this darkness:  the resurgence of a ray of light that drives us. This ray will bind us in this Universe.


Do not delude yourselves with prayers; it is only possible to get what is deserved. The one who fights more gets more. Do they ask if there is no the evil in other levels? There is the evil in all plans, but the evil that exists in our plan, is bad for us because they are attitudes of improvement. But, if compared, this evil might be classified as the good in your planet. The good and the evil are relative. The evil that exists in my plan also creates a negative energy which we needed to win. It is cyclical and it happens in all plans, it is not only here that exist the good and the evil, but, as Krishna said, do not want to exceed the limits of the Earth, since it is already very difficult to live in its limit.


Pray and ask the Creator to help you to conquer the wisdom. God helps everybody to conquer wisdom. With wisdom you will have kindness, tolerance and justice. Meditate and interact with the Universe.


I, Archangel Gabriel, bless you all and ask the Creator to protect the mankind. In his essence, the man is very good, but let himself to be taken by factors that take him away of the light. In his essence, the man is a being of light. I ask the Creator that will be always given you opportunity and another chance, and, that each mistake, is a way for conquests in the spiritual plan. That the suffering will be eased and, if it is essential, that will be an opportunity for a more developed being with the heart open. In this phase of great suffering, help each other, be solidary with the pain of your next and change your lives.


Be more honest and kindness every day and practice charity.


May the Lord of the Universe enlighten them in their tracks.





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