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It is very difficult for the man intelligence the correct understanding of how the effects of cosmic energy act. It is a vast infinite field and the human intelligence, yet, is not prepared for a better understanding

and for a better application of the countless components that form it.


False is the idea of the powerful cosmic energy that has a predominant role in the long journey of the spirit, without an effective participation of the Being that invokes it. No ray or energy will be able to be used, like support or help, if the receiver is not well prepared, not an intellectual preparation but a great effort aiming to purify the soul, the mind and spirit. There will be little influence to invoke the Violet Flame or any other level of energy so that they transform us or to be support during this long journey. The cosmic energy will just bring good results for those who are in a similar or in the same vibratory lane, since it also obeys the Universal Law of the Merit. Do not invoke in vain the help of the cosmic energy, it will not worth if there is not merit. If the heart is pure, it will attract pure energy; if the heart is full of sorrow and bitterness, it will just attract energy that will make it to have more sorrow and bitterness.


There has been spoken a lot, in these messages, about the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Merit. No Being, in this infinite Universe, will be ignored to be governed by these basic principles. It is the time of waking the humanity, leaving the ignorance and fanaticism. Awakening for the fact that everything, absolutely everything is fitted in these sacred beginnings and, there will just be conquest, if there is merit. For this reason the souls here embodied, with the eyes yet blindfolded, leaving from a primitive intelligence, charging so many results, without making sufficient effort in order to deserve them. Do not ask. Conquer them! The Creator gave you capacity and intelligence for, your own efforts, conquer what you want. Therefore we see ill bodies, through the disease of the spirit, begging for an impossible cure to be reached; not until there is an internal revolution. It is spoken a lot here about changing. No Being will be eternally stagnant, but the effort will always be of each one.


We follow, from our distant world, the trajectory of the human civilization. And, still today, after so many years we see the predominance of the hatred, the intolerance and the vengeance. Forgiveness and love are not practiced. Meanwhile the men do not respect each other and the human being does not love his next, this will be a Planet of suffering. Meanwhile the war is the option and the weapons substitute the courts this Planet will be a stage of violence against innocent, against Beings that have just embodied. What hope for a better future this planet will have, while the men and the nations resolve their differences by intolerance and brutality. Unhappy are the people that have their history written with blood, principally, with the blood of the innocent ones. Master Jesus has already said that, violence produces violence, but not only the physical one, perhaps worse, be the moral violence and discrimination.


As Lord Krishna said, the organization of the societies and nations, the institution of the laws, the great scientific discoveries were brought to the Planet Earth by the Beings  embodied here, aiming the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants, the knowledge increase and the purification of  behavior.


In my lovely Planet, with its seven moons and its colorful rings, the Beings are not the same; at the most, we are similar. But, we have already had this phase and the differences are solved without fights or wars. The sole was changed into the whole; we live more for the next than for ourselves besides cultivating a great love for our similar ones, for the Nature and the Universe. When the love is a great link, everything is easier to be solved. Even losing, we are always winning; it does not matter if we are winners but participants. Not always the best idea is my idea; we support the best idea in benefit of all. Our dreams and wishes are always turned to the common sense and we get such a great balance that the beings who live here  radiate energy, so positive that, our Planet became an irradiating source of energy for cure. The energy that involves the celestial body is the energy that comes from those who live in it. In my Planet we do not need doctors, because we have no diseases. We have cities with political organization and beautiful songs that sound everywhere.


It is a great sorrow, as responsible for this great effort who counts on the help of Beings of Light, that we have been watching several types of aggressions. You are destroying the forests and with it, a great quantity of trees and birds, you are killing the rivers, heating the Planet too much. The Beings keep on living under the empire of the hatred and intolerance, still having, as solution for your differences, the use of so brutal weapons.


The scientific knowledge was always and will be brought to this Planet in order to improve its quality of life and, for the human being may have modern and sufficient ways to elevate his passage in this Planet.


As I said at the beginning, you invoke the rays, you ask for protection and help, but nobody will get to help who has his heart closed. That’s why, all of us who participate of this movement say and repeat that the change is the only way to get a better vibratory field. The things are not worse, because the Great Creator will always assist us with his infinite kindness, but we know that our work will be long and strenuous.


The layer of energy that now involves the Planet Earth is the result of the thoughts and attitudes of its inhabitants. The level of energy that surrounds the Planet is becoming so heavy and closed that the rays of the sun are suffering changes. They are clean, but, when they pass through this level of energy, they suffer changes that will provoke an increase of the number of diseases, already known, and in the appearing of many others new and terribly devastating ones. Therefore, Lord Krishna said that changing the thoughts, attitudes and words, you will be preparing yourself for, when you leave this Planet, being attracted to better plans.


This, what is happening is consequence, not only of the global warming, as well as  this level of energy so heavy that the behave of the human being is involving the Planet: each negative thought, betrayal, each act of vengeance, wars, billion of people living under the fear and intolerance. This level of energy is becoming very dangerous. The nature cannot bear and the reaction will be a disaster. It is not a foreseen, it is a fact. The scientists try to find, desperately, a solution. In the space itself; we are trying to find a solution. But, in the infinity of the Universe all of us have our limits.


Many embody in this Planet because they ask, even going through all suffering and, because they want to try to help out the improvement of the quality of life, but, the great majority, more active ones are the rebel spirits. Many of them are found through suffering and try to improve their existence. The great majority, even suffering, cannot reach or does not want to reach and still involved in the cruelty and intolerance. They do not devote any love to their next one.


Therefore we say: if you are not feeling well; if you are not happy; if you are sick, do not blame anybody. This is the result of the Law of Cause and Effect. Change, try the other side. If you are intolerant, train the tolerance; if you are revengeful, train the forgiveness. Change your lives, love and help more your next ones. Think more about the others than about yourselves.


Everything that the mankind, a long time, received such as information for the organization of its religions, everything is to be lived. It is not worth reading and not change! In spite of living in a lovely Planet, where the surrounding energy is highly positive, all of us must change. It is the basic beginning for all beings: only one grows; there is just improvement in the existence of you and of the next ones by practicing, with wisdom, the beginning of the change.


I see, mainly in the Orient, in very ancient civilizations, a great individual and collective effort for a life turned to the balance between the individuals and the Nature.  The more developed the spirit is, embodied or not, the more it respects its next and the environment. Meantime, the crises and the things called bad also take part in the developed process and, perhaps for its effects, for many people, they are the best way since, through the suffering, they get rid of their big problems, being the principal one, the feeling of guilt The man does not have to blame himself, if you made a mistake, repair it and go on through the way. Making mistakes is part of the developing process. When we reach better plans, we also make mistakes, but always intending to help. We also learn with the mistakes.


This is the century of the intelligence, think about it, and soften your lives. Look at your aims through a way of light; make an effort for not deviating along obscure ways. Because this is the trajectory of any intelligent Being who lives in the Universe: We always guide ourselves through a Way of Light!




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