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Blessed is all of who, for own effort, go into the way of the auto knowledge, agreement and tolerance. Blessed is all of who, for own effort, learnt to live more for the next one than for himself.

Blessed is that which, in any plan of this immense Universe, model himself under the views of the beginnings of the universal love.


I am the light of your way. I am the star that drives your horizons. Have your thought always joined to mine. I will give you strength for the labor in this planet full of suffering.


Know how to honor the body that you received. Respect and dignify yourself. Your Creator mirrored Himself in each one of His beloved children.


Do not dishonor your Father and your Mother. Love your children, who came to improve the planet. Your children will always be better than you, even those who follow the evil have the sacred mission to show, by the sacrifice, the consequences of a life different to everything that is preached.


Children treating their parents with such cruelty, bombs that destroy whole cities in a short period of time, everything happens due to the beginning of freedom. To any Being created in the Universe, is given the beginning of freedom. It has been said a lot; nobody is free of the law of the cause and effect and everything that one gets is according to the law of merit.


All preliminary movement, all who worked in benefit to the humanity, spirits that came to demonstrate what should not be done. For all this time, the humanity was prepared for the moment in which the Masters will communicate themselves bringing new information. The human mind is already prepared. It will not be easy, because many concepts are consolidated, but all this literature was a preparation. The efforts that have been made and the reactions were already waited, but any good cause is born from a small seed. The truth is very simple: it is not worth it to beg or pray, because everything will be conquered. This is the law of the merit that involves the whole Universe.


After abandoning the body the Being thinks that will occupy the heaven, or the hell if proceed any evil, but I say to you my Children, there is not the heaven or the hell. The spirit will be attracted to the plan of evolution that he conquered. The spirit without the body is much stronger. The body is an only way, an agent that needs to continue his developing process. The Mother Nature will ask you everything back. Be careful, but do not become attached, since all the beings that live in this planet will pass by a training process that is called death.


It is a mistake to think that the spirit comes with a certain time. The limit is the time of life of the own matter  and the disincarnate is a contingency of the life of each one. They say “he/she died because the Almighty wanted to take him/her.” The Creator does not establish term. The term of the life of the body is the planet that establishes itself. The physical and chemical conditions of the matter and many other factors are what that influence the devotion with the body and the care with the life preservation. Do not be afraid of dying. Live the lives, build a way of light. Be intelligent and learn with somebody else's experience. I will be always by your side at the moments of joy and of sadness, disease and health, giving you all support.


The human body has ways for defense. It is very strong, it becomes weak by the physical and mental attitude of his bearer. The health is a set of factors that begins with the individual behavior.


Man / woman are the dual for the perpetuation of the species. The spirit will be able to choose to have a feminine or masculine experience. The more developed the being is, the more respect will have for his/her body. The sex must be understood like a divine act. It is the perpetuation of the species. Respect your bodies, respect your bodies partners, there is an incarnated soul there. The sex has being used as an escape valve, as an anchor due to the frustrations but not as an exponential of love, of connection between two souls with the aim of preparing the body for another soul. It has a very deep symbolism: the man and the woman contribute to the formation of another body that will be occupied by another spirit, which will be his/her great mate and will perpetuate the name of the family. A great deal of mental diseases that now are devastating the humanity has as a principal cause this deviation by the use of sexuality. The sex is a Divine role.


Another cause for mental torments that happens by now is the absence of a universal feeling. The Being isolates himself and just thinks about his individual, physical or spiritual progress. There is lacking of group feeling, the families are isolating themselves. The man is a group essentially. The growth of one depends on the growth of all. Contribute to the growth of others and you will be growing. It is judged a lot, it is criticized, but the own defects are covered.


Try to change; this is the great convocation for the next generations. Change in all languages, this is the great convocation. Changing is difficult, it demands sacrifice and resignation. The man does not want to resign to what it was accommodated. The change is the only way so that it is possible to progress. The soul of the human being is connected to concepts and pleasures, and this injures the universal beginning of freedom. It is a difficult way, even for the most developed beings. The way of resignation and love is very difficult; it is easier to hold the pleasure and to the selfishness and to live for yourself.


As I said, the evil and the good were and they are being demonstrated, it is a question of choice. Great Beings are sent to the Earth in order to, for their examples, demonstrate the greatness of Love, and others, sent to demonstrate the greatness of hatred. Love and hatred have their consequences: who that came to teach the evil also had the mission; it does not mean that their spirits are bad. They sacrificed themselves to demonstrate the evil, to teach.


This is the great transformation that the humanity will begin to feel: simple concepts are going to substitute teachings, very often, badly interpreted, concepts that, for his failed interpretation, caused a great suffering.


The intelligence is a gift that everybody has. The ability the Being receives of, when it is created, learning and understanding is called intelligence. The intelligence is a very dynamic energy that should be exercised. The old man who does not use his mind and lets the time win, wastes the opportunity of growing his intelligence in such important phase. The old age is the phase of wisdom, of experience.


Has anybody already asked why the humanity has several types of languages? Why can the same word be expressed in many languages? And why did not the Creator make an only language? Just for that, in order to improve the man’s intelligence, by the curiosity of knowing what the other one speaks and thinks. Today, almost all languages ​​are studied and understood. This dynamic is one of the ways of man grow his intelligence.


Many people wait for a demonstration, a proof about what is said to you. The more improved the spirit is, the less he needs any kind of proof. It is because he respects a lot, the universal beginning of freedom. The Being is free for, using his power of analysis, asking the legitimacy of everything that he hears. There will never any preoccupation of proving the legitimacy of a message or teaching of an Avatar.


At this point, my beloved Children, the beginning of the faith starts. The faith, as Jesus said, that can move mountains. While there is no faith, there will not be belief. If the intelligence is questioned to learn the beginning of the change, having or not faith in what was said, certainly it will have the merits for your acts, thoughts and words.


By the arrival of the digital technology, with the information reaching the most distant places of this planet, the human intelligence will have the opportunity for developing himself through unimaginable fields, by entering the mysteries of the Universe.


The day, in which this planet, for natural order of the Universe, stops having the conditions for maintenance for the body, the beings, which live here, will be able to reach better plans and join to societies more developed without suffering.


Foresight has an only objective to help who live here; this is for, by changing of your behaviors, you can conquer other spaces, always under the law of the merit.


I bless all beings that dedicate themselves so much to the improvement of the conditions of life of this lovely planet, that the Biggest Creator gave us the honor of giving a human shape, the animals and the vegetables that joined, they transform it at a home of agreement, tolerance, charity and of the immense Love that I dedicate you all.


I bless you all. I love and protect you all. I will always be by your side, not only in the joy; in the sadness; in the disease and in the health.


The experience will always have valor, even those considered bad. There will always have a profit.


I wish the Mother Nature protect you all.




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Blessed is all of who, for own effort, go into the way of the auto knowledge, agreement and tolerance. Blessed is all of who, for own effort, learnt to live more for the next one than for himself.

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