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I thank to the Great Creator of the Universe for having given me the opportunity to use the Planet Earth like a residence for all those Beings. I had the sacred honor to give them form and life, intelligence

and ability to, by their efforts, arrive at me.


This ecosystem was created and improved through the time, all took part together, and they have mission and responsibility: I gave the animals ability and instinct in order to adapt to the environment, look for food and procreate; to the vegetables, the mission to protect the Planet, covering it with its branches and leaves, protecting it from the heat of the sun and supplying oxygen that, all together with water, is fundamental to the maintenance and perpetuation of all types of life, which was given me the privilege of Creating; To the men, I granted  ability and intelligence, I did not take off their free will so that, through  their own effort, they could reach step by step to an immense staircase, giving them the opportunity for getting nearer and nearer of their Creator, and also become Creators. This is the great opportunity that the biggest of the Creators gave us, the opportunity for growing, always by own effort. But, this improvement is not an exclusive characteristic of the mankind, the growth is characteristic of all beings of the Universe.


Dear Children, this is a new phase, the phase of the straight connection in which the human intelligence will be more and more tested, use the rational intelligence in your attitudes, thoughts and words.


As I have already told you, all Beings that live here were created by the existent elements in the Nature. By the advent of the science and technology, the man discovered that his body, in order to remain lively and healthy, needs to recompose all those elements that constitute it, elements that, by the universal principle, are spent. I have been allowing the researches to advance very much in the field of the matter. The diseases, which take part in the cycle of the life, are being removed and controlled, through the information given to them but, very little or almost nothing, was given you ability to know the mysteries of the soul. About the mind, somewhat is known; about the mysteries of the soul, it is very early to know, but, my beloved Children, I tell you: exchange the unsureness of the mysteries of the soul, for the sureness of the good that I, The Creator, will always provide you, by giving you infinite opportunities, showing the way, assisting and helping all of you. Do not be preoccupied about the mysteries of the soul. Even after disembodied, the mystery is a constant for any Being.


Exchange the doubt for the Faith, be wise people and live the splendor of life. I gave you life in order to look for happiness, not suffering. Be released from the bitterness, resentment, rage, jealousy and envy. I gave you life so as to be happy. You look for a lot in order to be happy, it is not needed a lot. Happy is who that looks for the little, because what left will be divided among many people. See the example of the animals that have nothing, each one is satisfied with somewhat, because it will be divided among them. I did not give you life in order to be happy alone, I gave you life so as to be happy with everybody.


Through these million years, I feel more and more gratified for having created life in such a pretty Planet. It was the great honor that The Bigger Creator gave me: create life in the Earth. Everything here is harmonically balanced; when this balance is broken, the Planet itself unleashes actions and reactions in order to recover the balance. There has been said that the elementary necessity that, by using the intelligence and reason, we make the necessary change. All of us have to change, I am, the Creator, aware of the necessity of a continuous changing. I am not satisfied, I am not static, I am always changing and it is so with all beings.


Interact with the present energies in this Planet:  the sun,  the incredible power of the reflected rays of the Moon,  the sea,  the rivers,  the forests, the animals, interact with the Nature and always help your next one.


The spirit has free will, but the body not. The body was made to serve the spirit. Accept the bodies that I gave you, they are the great opportunity for developing your spirits, it does not matter if they are ugly or pretty, small or big. The body was given you as an opportunity for growth, do not despise this opportunity.


When, in your minds, some type of sadness emerges, for something you do not like, feel very happy. How many of you suffer really serious difficulties, they cannot move, they have karmic deformation. They say, and I hear them: “Thanks Father! for this opportunity, thanks Father! The blindness, the deformation or the lack of a member were important to me, I am redeeming myself from my faults, thanks Father! For the opportunity, for these experiences and difficulties I am finding the way of the light."


I gave you the free will and not even could deny it to you, the free will is a privilege of any intelligent Being, but you had better never forget that our free will does not escape from the Law of Return. By the Law of Return, the evil will attract the evil and the good will attract the good. The good and the evil are questions of concept, but I gave you discernment: everybody knows what the good and the evil is. Contribute with your attitudes for a better and better world, practice the love, tolerance and charity, and do not judge anymore for worse you can realize he or she is.


The world will only have peace when the men turn the life into the Planet, equaling opportunities and removing prejudices. The noble and the beggar have the same formation, sometimes the spirit of the beggar is above the noble. It is a kind of test, an opportunity that I gave you.


Moses received, at the foot of the Hill, the Ten Commandments on the stone tablets. How many Masters, freely, here embodied in order to propagate the principles to him revealed in the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments summarize what must be done so as to improve the quality of life and become this Planet more equitable.


There is not long time for the Planet, not only by the man behavior. The Universe is cyclical: everything has the beginning, middle and end. The aggression the Planet has been suffering is also a consequence of the search for a better quality of life, by removing from what the Nature offers, the necessary matter to promote the development. Compare the cities today with the age of the caves; if it had not been this search, this tireless research, the mankind would have still been in the caves. There was and there is exaggeration, but the human intelligence has no answers for everything that is found in the Earth, you know the action, but not the reaction; you do not know what may happen. The science today is able to explain, but its limit is short.


All of you came here only for a training process of evolution, your last house is the infinite plans that the Universe offers us. Do not judge yourself with the right of modeling the personality; do not judge yourself with the right of being able to impose conditions to the behavior of your next one, because it was not given you the right for assuming or controlling the personality of another Being. It was only given you the ability for the free will; only the being is responsible for the choice of the better way. If all of you were created like their Creator, it was given to everybody the opportunity for choosing his or her way.


Looking for the peace and happiness is the basic characteristic of the intelligent Being, but the way for the peace and happiness will be just found by attitudes of balance, by attitudes that create harmony and by the purification of the thoughts and words. If you want to improve the world, improve yourself, because the world will always reward what you are and what you do.


The Extragalactic Being said to you: do not waste your time with prayers, do not wait the benefit comes without effort and sacrifice, do not adore saints and images, you do not need leaders. I gave you ability and intelligence to find your ways but, like a Father, I will always be attentive, prepared to help and offer opportunities.


To the hungry people from Africa, I gave opportunity by awaking the humanitarian spirit, mainly, of whom that have very much. To the sickness people, I awoke the curiosity from the researchers and dedication from the doctors.


Look for the balance, do not feed yourself with what will be bad for you; rationalize the sex energy; respect the life, nobody is given the right of taking the life away; interact with the Nature.


How many movements, institutions and people there are today in order to minimize suffering of the next one. How many thinkers and masters disseminate the strength of the Universal Love.


My beloved Children, do not be ashamed of the biggest of all feelings: do not be ashamed of loving and being loved. I will always be by your side, trust me, even if at the time of sadness and suffering my hand will always be stretched out. Adore the love, the tolerance and charity and you will be contributing to a better world.


Do not be afraid of the death, the death is a release. When the opportunity finishes, the body is given back to the Nature, but the spirit follows its walk and it will be able to return or not. While you are held to characteristics of the Planet, you will have to return and live a new experience. You will live in different worlds, when your behavior releases you from what attract you to the Earth.


Love with the same intensity. Love the others like you love yourself. There is no another way for growing, the way for the growth is the way of Love. 




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