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How difficult is for a Being endowed with intelligence understand the behavior of many that in here incarnated and permitted to be led for so small feelings. Involved with wickedness, they are able

to betray, lie and kill. I created them with the free will of choice and, when tested, choose the worst for themselves and their next.


How many Prophets and Masters went through this Planet, taking them off the cave age, organizing their needs, bringing experiments from their planets and adapting them to intelligence and conditions existent here. Entities and Illuminated Beings, search through the ages, show the way for the balance. How many incarnations could it be avoided with a behavior turned to love and the common good.


My son Jesus Christ came to teach the valor of being good and the valor of the good and because of envy, mainly because of envy, was crossed. Many others came to remind you that a behavior turns for the common good and it will be always well received, while a behavior permeated by the hatred and intolerance will never be well received.


The big Masters who bring their messages by now are unanimous in presenting the necessity of a deep inner change aiming behavior improvement, needed for a healthier life and happier.


It is a very serious movement that aims to give a new view to the relation between God with the men, and the men with their Creator.


The man is, in his behavior, provoking a big unbalance between his relation and the environment, with consequences that will affect all people. The body was created and gets perfection through the time with materials existent in the nature. It makes the man have necessity of nurture with materials from the Planet.


I gave all of you the free will, but I cannot save you from the Law of  Return. I feel very sad when I see brothers in war, children of the same Creator killing, abhoring each other, but I cannot take from them the basic principle given to all the beings of Cosmos, that is the free will,  The Creator will be back in your acts and efforts: It is the Law of Cosmos. But I feel very happy when I see so many beings engaged, improving themselves so as to transform this Planet into a beautiful house and, through own effort, modify and change the behavior of its inhabitants.


How it would be good if a Planet so beautiful were inhabited by Beings that loved each other, put up with their differences, did not judge themselves better than their brothers and respect the Nature


I am in the heart of the good and bad people;


I am present in the waves of the ocean, in the sun rays and in the singing of the birds;


I am present at hospitals and jails;


I am present in the innocence of the children and in the gray hear of the old people.


I do love you. All of you don’t need samples; I created all of you with conditions of, on your own, move up and become creators. When you need to choose, even if under great sacrifice, choose what will be beneficial, not just for you, but for all. When you listen something that not pleases you, understand that who speaks is not using all his/her ability to choose a different way or a different solution.


It is not necessary to adore and venerate images, even if those who were the biggest examples need to be venerated. When the spirit embodies, it already brings with it conditions, by its efforts and sacrifice, to survive and grow up. No big Master, no big Spirit will say: "adore me". They will say “you have God inside you". The Creator who made you from His image and similarity gave you ability to get, by your attitudes and efforts, conditions to get infinitely the plans for evolution, that will bring you to the Creator again.


Do not worry about prescience and catastrophes announcements, the Cosmos changes, it is an infinite circle. Everything is natural, the Cosmos is always looking for the balance, even if, for this balance, there is a necessity of occurrences considered as catastrophes. The human culture has been improving by using quite a few ways inserted here and the human intelligence is not the intelligence of the caveman anymore,  I gave you the ability for analyzing and rationalizing. Use always this ability with the rational analyze on what is presented you and also solutions turned to reason, keeping the love and justice as principal parameters.


My children, I tell you: treat your spirits, take care of your souls and bodies and the Mother Nature will do the rest. Do not feel inferior, even under suffering. The sickness is consequence; I gave you the ability for searching the cure. Purify your hearts even under persecution and never lose your faith, your Creator is always by your side through many extraordinary beings that inhabit or inhabited this planet. Do not expect to be recognized by your labor or attitudes, the Creator will recognize you.


People will say that God does not speak. God speaks by the ones’ mouth. Do not call me God. I am the Creator. There is not the Devil, there is behavior called good and bad, there will have consequences for all of them.


The bodies are vehicles for improvement of the biggest intelligence that is the spirit. The spirit is forever, the bodies are transitory, cure your spirits and your bodies will be healthy. Interact with your cells, love your bodies without doing it as an object for idolization. Respect your nature, look for the food balance and, mainly, for the sex. I gave you a gender for procreation and you transformed this beautiful act of love into a practice, that for many times makes me feel ashamed. Respect your bodies, escape from everything that is against the Nature. The body was created to be health; bad thoughts and behavior stain the spirit that will have the body as an instrument for purification. How much suffering could it be avoided in a behavior turned to love and tolerance.


The woman has the sublime opportunity for getting pregnant, in her the new Being will create and develop itself until the birth. The mother’s womb is a divine temple, the women who are vulgarizing so deep feeling, by justifying withdrawal of a body that she did not create, a body that would be the habitat for a spirit that certainly would bring so many good experience, and filial love. This is a very big karma when a natural circle is broken by the use of the free will that was given to you. The ways for avoiding pregnancy are being increasing but, when it is installed, nobody has an authorization or justification for interrupting it. The birth of a child with physical or mental degeneration is an act of largeness of the spirit that embodies, it asks for going over probation because knows that, at the end, its spirit will be favorable and it karma is alleviated when it embodies in families that welcome them with love and wisdom.  


I have told you about the death. Do not be afraid of it, the death of the body is not the death of the spirit. The spirit is immortal, when the body has no utility or when its permanence on Earth expires; it gets rid of it through what you call death. When the spirit abandons the body, it comes back to its original life, having gone over through the experiments this Planet offers for all who inhabit here. The planet has its proper characteristics, the spirit goes over the experience of living by occupying a body that needs care, which gives to it many joys, but feels sick according to the merit. When the spirit leaves the body it will be attracted and will live fullness from senses with capacity for acting much bigger than when was incarnated, according to the evolution degree, the spirit will be able to come back to Earth or inhabit other planets, they do not have fear of the death because I want the good for them, and the death is not bad, but do not live apprehensive because, as I said, everything has its time, time for being born, living and dying.


I gave you  life so that you could search for happiness. Try always to concur for happiness of your next. Enjoy with the wonders of a sunset, with a sky full of stars, with the stroke of water on the sand of the sea, with the singing of the birds, the beauty of a flower. Love the plants and the animals, they live according to their necessities. To them was given the capacity for searching food, coexist and procreate, respect the nature, talk to the animals and plants, I gave them energy, interact with them, interact with water and air. Everybody have my spark.


The Cosmos is bipolar, everything has two sides, live by the side of the good things and leave the bad things, because it is wisdom understand that each one is the owner of his destiny and responsible for what does. My love does not depend on the bad and good beings. The free will enable the ability for making decision according to what the Being wants, it is always a question of own solution: desire and power is a question of intimate solution. I do love you, and because of it I tell you: because of your huge ability in distinguishing between the good and the bad, be smart and choose the good, since the consequences will always come.


Historically I am called God but, with the approach of the New Era, I will be called Creator. Creator who was created. How many mysteries the Cosmos reveals to all people, including to the Creator, the Cosmos is much bigger than my intelligence can reach, it is full of energy and there are its own laws and, the basic law of cause and effect. The good and the evil are consequences of the Lw of Cause and Effect. It is a question of logic: attitudes and thoughts considered as bad will attract consequences considered as bad; attitudes, thoughts e actions considered as good, will attract consequences considered as good.


Ask; do not be ashamed of asking. Donate; do not be ashamed of donating. Love and tolerate, do not be ashamed of being good, I will always give you necessary support for bearing any annoyance that appear on your way.


I grow by your growing, the Cosmos is dynamic, look around and you will see that everything is in movement, until the rocks are spinning by the Earth movement, the water of the sea, the electron and atoms. The Cosmos moves always turned to balance.


It is being realized, along the Planet, a big effort to aware the souls, incarnated here, of the necessity of changing, because just through each one behavior, turned to common good, the wars and betrayals may finish. Just by practicing of love all of you will be able to transform this Planet into a condign house for receiving the beings made from the Creator similarity.


I will always be by your side, protecting you and leading you to a behavior turned to the best of feelings, the feeling that enable the balance between persons and peoples, that is the LOVE.




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