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on 12/19/2014


I told them "GIVE THEM MY PEACE" PEACE is a d'Alma state is a state of spirit, such a high significance, with numerous interpretations, PEACE, which means PEACE?

- Is to be in communion with the Creator, is to have a pure heart, you live for the next than to himself, is to be tolerant is to be kind, be honest, is to live in harmony, loving and respecting every living being, all those who inhabit our fraternal gathering, PEACE is a feeling that is won by controlling, control of emotions, control of reactions, control of attitudes, PEACE is the fruit of an achievement.
The Law of Cause and Effect, the PEACE Merit Act will only be achieved when the Self has no jealousy, envy, when Love strengthen hearts, PEACE means resignation means humility.
It is very difficult to achieve this state of elevation, as it fully lives Peace. Even the most evolved beings have to change, you have to improve.
PEACE is within each one, in the hearts of each. I told them, "I GIVE THEM MY PEACE" honored path of liberation, PEACE is to live without conflict, live in harmony, resign, understand. PEACE is a sublime feeling, when we are close to the Creator.
PEACE is an achievement through arduous paths, seek PEACE, PEACE crave, freeing up feelings that capture your hearts, respecting differences, individual rights, collective rights.
PEACE is won with charity, justice and especially with high sense of love to Next. Only through change we can find our PEACE, change is to be better and better, change is labutarmos the path of Love, without trial, without prejudice, change is an existing condition in all development plans, as this will be any infinite Universe this immense ability to transform, to conquer the various development plans, because we are all interconnected, those who occupy higher planes have a responsibility to try to help those who still occupy the lower planes, all have the same training, we were all created by BEINGS who achieved the ability to create, we all have Change condition to Improve.
On the day that humanity celebrates the birth of Jesus boy, make an agreement with yourself, start a new life, a life full of hope, a peaceful life, whether friend, dedicated, understand, understand, do not judge, react with humility, sweetly, with tolerance, with understanding, see the next one brother, be brother is a very strong bond, brother is not only the blood, we are all brothers, because we live, we wish the same goals.
On the day Humanity celebrates the birth of Jesus boy, back to the way a boy, boy in purity, sweetness, even in a body with the responsibility of an adult.
On the day we celebrate the arrival of Jesus boy, change your life, tread the path of good, by the way of Love, and there will be closer to the PEACE, this beautiful feeling I have given them, "GIVE THEM MY PEACE ".




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I told them "GIVE THEM MY PEACE" PEACE is a d'Alma state is a state of spirit, such a high significance, with numerous interpretations, PEACE, which means PEACE?

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