on 10/24/2014


This follows a humble servant, even with sacrifice, the wise teachings of the beloved Master Jesus, this little being found -If the Universal Love, the anchor, the one goal that is guided.


The Universal Love is the deep sense of respect, respect for everything that was created, respect for nature, the beings who inhabit the spaces conquered, a deep love, a deep well want, where they practice kindness, tolerance, a deep respect for differences, a deep understanding of the laws of Cause and Effect and of Merit.

The practice of Universal Love frees us to detach, brings us comfort, brings joy, brings us peace; is an achievement that needs to be achieved sacrifice, requires a profound change; Change means improvement, Change as Main Vector, Change by error, by persistence. All beings change, life is a cycle, Change is a basic condition, the basic condition of this cycle.

While attempting to study embodied the Mysteries, the Dogmas; Humanity is attached to these Dogmas, the intelligence will not expand while the mind is conditioned to the Dogmas.

The truth is the best way, it gives us the Creator, when enables us Free Will. Everyone will have this capability, knowing we were created to distinguish good from evil, right from wrong.

The Universe has the characteristic of bipolarity, or the pick will be attracted to the side that best characterizes their behavior, taking this huge capacity, moving, harvesting fruits for own experiences. The Self can choose one of the poles and live with his personality, for what we call Good and Evil. The path of good will bring consequences, the evil as well.

The law of merit will be drawn to the Evolution Plan for which we are prepared; This preparation may require several reincarnations, not only on this beautiful planet, as in many others, which have the possibility of receiving Intelligent Beings, with his peculiar body mass.

Much has been said here, that we all deserve, so this call to tread the path of Love, only Love frees us; Love for other people, the children, the elders, men, women, brotherly love for animals, both suffer the neglect and abuse; Brotherly love in the woods, by plants, brotherly love by Brother Sun, the Earth Mother, by water, by air, so fundamental to the existence of life, brotherly love the flowers, the birds, everything that exists in these wonderful worlds.

Who loves not rude, he loves does not betray, mistreat it. betrays not love; for he who loves not want it bad, do everything for the happiness of others.

Love is a beautiful feeling, Love is not sex, sex is a feature of planet Earth, created to perpetuate the species, which must be experienced with all due respect, respect for partner, respect for partner. Karma as mankind today is acquiring the misuse of sex; Sex is a divine function and should be regarded with much respect.

Humanity undergoes increasingly rapid change, with large capacity are Beings incarnating to improve life on this planet, especially its contribution in bringing Example, Example yes, that teaches. We are in a transition phase, many will be led to other plans, other retirement centers, those who have come to the planet a more beautiful body, a more subtle, healthier mind and they will transform this planet, which will become the planet of darkness, the Planet of atonement, which will be transformed into a planet where predominate respect. The smarter the more you practice solidarity, humility, decency, the smarter the more you give example.

The planet will undergo physical changes, will not be the same, no longer a house of atonement, to become a beautiful Planet, where reign the health, longevity, love.

That's my message, the Earth, the Earth is passing through a phase of transformation and those who come here to have the grace to live without disease, without war, a world of prosperity, without weapons, where the Justice and the courts prevail, the planet, this beautiful planet will be covered by the umbrella of love.





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on 10/24/2014


This follows a humble servant, even with sacrifice, the wise teachings of the beloved Master Jesus, this little being found -If the Universal Love, the anchor, the one goal that is guided.

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