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Sons, beloved Sons, meat is a great opportunity, not disperdicem. Do not miss this great opportunity, through the suffering of cleanse their blemishes, resulting from attitudes,

words and thoughts cruel, cruel to other beings, be they humans, animals, plants, the elements of which help, sharing of life on this beautiful planet.
No Being that dwells on earth, wrapped in body mass, is exempt from suffering is not a punishment, suffering is a great opportunity, suffering is a masterful medium, a powerful means of inner transformation, give thanks to their Creator the moments of pain of distress, because these moments teem demonstrated great effectiveness in transforming the character.
Emerge through suffering kindness, tolerance, through suffering the Self experiences a profound transformation; but, every suffering there is an angel, a protector, to soften, to guide the search path, so that the time required to dissipate the suffering.
This occurs at various stages of existence of the body, childhood, adolescence, maturity, old age; every stage of life has its own disease, its characteristics diseases; not shake with the disease will always be by your side, consoling him, helping him to find a solution, one soothing, healing.
Soon there will be no evil body that does not have a cure or alleviation. Scientists are being prepared, are receiving genetic information and achieve better treatments and even a cure for all diseases.
Enjoy your moments of pain, to raise their hearts, worrying those who teem with nothing, living in poverty, abandoned, imprisoned by corrective system, imprisoned for minor feelings, because the worst prison is mental.
Open your minds, their spirits, release yourself from dogmas, not always true stories, I created them to transform into Creators do not need leaders, need not worship dogmas, fully exercise the freedom I gave them this freedom has limit, it self - educate.
Be transformed into better beings, Change is a constant, I, THE CREATOR, I have to change, the change brings us dignifies us. Change, train, train to be kinder, more tolerant wiser, more humble. I'll always be by your side, in sorrow, in joy, in sickness, in health.
Think of the wonder of being able to see, to see the beauty of the birds, the greatness of heaven, the power of the sea; is a grace to be able to hear, distinguish the sound, noise; able to speak, communicate, communicating ideas, get around. This is a miracle, were millions of years to reach the modern body, which is always an evolutionary process.
If the planet is still active here thousands of years ago, the bodies must be quite different from those that inhabit it today. This will be the consequence of the study of architects, medical space that teem the mission of improving the body that will serve a spirit who will come to this planet to purge the stains that have caused himself, by a cruel behavior, which will need to cleaning, because the Spirit can not be tainted, was created pure.
By Freewill Being diverted from the path and acquires Karma, in this or in another incarnation, Karma is acquired with cruel act that tarnishes the Spirit. Free Will does not free the Law of Cause and Effect.
The Mystery of the Universe is full of mystery, even at the highest levels the Mystery prevails. One way to cope with the Mystery is to practice the Faith, the Faith is a pure feeling is a deep trust in the One who created us. Faith in my Creator, the Creator is a loving father, friend, ready to help in times of joy, in times of sorrow, putting in the necessary way to ease the suffering agents, pain.
I gave them free will, but I am not able to delete them from the Law of Cause and Effect, so that call, change, change your life, change your life for the better, win, fight against the jealousy, the hatred, against revenge, open your hearts, do not be ashamed of being good, to be honest, to be worthy, not ashamed to love.
Tightly embrace their brothers, brothers who go through the same problems, the same trials, probation is not privacy, or will all pass their trials; embrace, feel that embrace the warmth, energy and see that it is equal to his; the same energy that transmits, receives.
Humanity should embrace more, the hug is a great source of energy transfer. How dear children, humanity would be better if its members embrace it more, train and see the benefits for themselves and for their neighbors, benefits from a strong hug.
Help, without charge, to help those who are hungry, who asks him a crumb, without judging, who asks him material assistance; help with words, help with a hug, hug them beggars who receive energy back.
Live your lives with love, affection for the Human Being, caring for animals, caring with Nature; open your hearts, happiness is not, happiness is BE, be increasingly better, more kind, palmilhem their lives by BE.




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Sons, beloved Sons, meat is a great opportunity, not disperdicem. Do not miss this great opportunity, through the suffering of cleanse their blemishes, resulting from attitudes,

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