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on 08/29/2014


Watch and pray, saying in his sermons the Master JESUS​​; pray, ask for their failure, by their condition, by their need;

pray, asking your Creator to help you, to give you strength, to give you wisdom to face the multiple problems, especially the ones that test you on your ability to forgive, to understand and love.
Pray to their Creator; that protects you from all evil, discord, envy, jealousy, greed, that will help you in the painful journey that will have to go, take responsibility for the use of body mass, which helps you maintain health, his greatest asset, discernment, which will help them to be fair, to be humble, to be honest, in all the pains that will while inhabiting such a heavy planet.
Pray, asking your guardian angel protection, to give you wisdom to make the right decisions, even if it displeases, just decisions; pray to their elementary to illuminate your path, so you can view the best solution, even if it does not seem to exist, the best solution for you and your neighbor.
Pray for Mother Nature that also give you health, which helps you maintain your health, their most valuable asset; deviating aggressive behavior, controlling the power controlling thoughts, attitudes and words; health depends mainly on the behavior before the laws of nature. The planet Earth has its laws, specific to the type of matter that is in it; but not only physical health, mental health is the most important mental health is achieved through balancing behavior, through the control of emotions, primarily through control of reactions.
Pray, asking for their planet, for peace, for those who suffer physical and mental illnesses, pray that humanity can overcome the heavy burden, conquering, through it, Freedom; Freedom as important; controlling negative feelings; Pray mainly by his neighbor, the animals, the waters, the plants, pray for this beautiful planet.
Watch, watch the temptations, watch the bad examples, watch your thoughts, watch your words, watch watchful, always watchful; freeing themselves from the negative emotions, releasing - if the hatred, revenge, opening your heart to adversity, for love, for justice, watching your words, your thoughts, your attitudes.
Watch and pray synthesizes a way of life that will always be a choice, because of their free will; but no being can escape the Supreme Law, the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Merit, which are laws designed to guide the beings that inhabit this infinite universe.
Other Masters, other incarnated spirits of Light and will still embody; for, with his examples, guiding Humanity Humanity to help support the weight of Karma, to supplant the errors, especially the cruel attitudes that generate this Karma; hence requiring that, through suffering, is clean Aurea, tarnished by these acts.
Watch and pray, that wise teaching, summarizes the way of the pursuit of Light, which is the goal of all this wonderful Beings Universe, the path of evolution, the search for the indwelling of the Eternal Father.




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Watch and pray, saying in his sermons the Master JESUS​​; pray, ask for their failure, by their condition, by their need;

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