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My dear children, today I will talk to them about life. You were created by a Being who, by his wisdom, for his immense wisdom, reached the condition of the Creator, Creator of Souls, Bodies Creator, Creator Beings intelligent.

You owe Him your life, you must be in constant contact with such great force that created the light, do - is deserving, you should not ask conquer, conquer the conduct, always attuned to the one who gave them life.

The Creator gave - their lives to be happy, be healthy, so that by their own efforts, also reaching the condition of the Creator.
Pray, ask, but with merit, because no being in the universe can ignore one of its basic laws, the Law of Merit.

Gave them intelligence and diversity, two basic conditions for individual growth, the differences will make them grow, do not judge; everything in the universe in knowledge and behavior in the area, good, evil, right, wrong, health, disease, everything comes from the same Creator, the Greatest of All Creators, an unattainable Intelligence so is his greatness, as its magnitude.

Originally, the Self is created in Spirit, have their own identity, free will, the intelligence to choose the best path; but often strays better this way and shall go crooked ways, shall behave - is unworthy manner, seriously injuring the principles by which it was created, injuring the principles of Universal Love.

In such cases the Spirit is referred to embody, receive a body and inhabits the planet Earth, which at the moment is still a planet in atonement and through successive incarnations will have the opportunity to clean the stains, cruelty towards his neighbor, the animals the plants, any living being; this cruelty stain your Spirit and only through suffering that spot will be eliminated, not that suffering is eternal, if already produced the effect, there is no need to continue the process of purification through pain; this entails - is healing, from the goodness of the Creator Biggest, enabling science needed relief means the extinction of evil that affects the organs. Life is a unique experience, each is designed to have that experience. The Spirit is eternal, body is transitory; By healthier it is, gets old, no longer satisfies the conditions for the progress of the Spirit who dwells in it and hence the process of death, death is the body, the Spirit gets rid of a sick body, a body that has no longer serves you and back to its natural state with much greater capacity, sees better, hear better, communicate better, it carries better, has the whole universe, but will go where it is drawn, where he prepared to go.

Love is the great principle for the evolution of beings; Universal Love means a life focused on the Next, means a life of sacrifice, not to themselves, but to help others, love is the great vehicle of transformation by Love Being erase the stains of your consciousness, through Love Being atones for their sins, through Love Being experiencing an existence of Light, Love and Being by turns, by Love resumes his contact with the beloved Creator.

My followers will not win much-anticipated rejoicing in the spiritual life, they can not raise - in the infinite plane of evolution without a deep dedication to his full dedication Next, mankind will never achieve their desired areas only with meditation, only with Exercises all this could be excused for a life of dedication to the Next, Next to Love, more love for nature, to animals, to vegetables, to all elements of the LARGEST BREEDER integrated to this beautiful planet.

Beings living in dedication, respect and Love of Others, will perform better, will go much higher than those plans that lock themselves if enclausulam living with mental exercises, living solely on himself.

That's my message, Change your lives, dedicate themselves to the next, to every living being, with Love; practicing Justice, Charity, Tolerance, donate what is left to them, not cling to what is not theirs, because nothing belongs to them, not the body itself, shall go into eternal world only in its spiritual form, leading remorse, the sadness of not having taken advantage of this amazing chance, through a body, through new opportunities, cleanse their blemishes, grow your intelligence, your capacity to love.

Do not miss this great opportunity, only through change is that Being, in any development plan, able to climb the infinite planes that make up this Wonderful Universe.

That the Creator bless you.




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My dear children, today I will talk to them about life. You were created by a Being who, by his wisdom, for his immense wisdom, reached the condition of the Creator, Creator of Souls, Bodies Creator, Creator Beings intelligent.

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