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Beloved Children, how important and wonderful opportunity to embody a planet so beautiful. This opportunity is, and always will be offered to improve and grow, grow in knowledge and feeling.

None is or will be doomed to remain in the plan that is existential. Everyone will be given an opportunity through self-effort, climb the infinite planes of existence, this wonderful universe.


The Great Creator, in His goodness and wisdom, offers you the opportunity, through experiences, good or bad, to reach the various rungs of the evolutionary ladder. Everyone has this ability, everyone was given intelligence to find its own way: all know how to distinguish good from evil and right from wrong. It is time to begin human intelligence to be prepared to leave the shackles that have been sustained for a long period of information, which, contrary to what is proposed, served to imprison them. Dogmas and stories in sight neither of whom lived this long, gagged human intelligence.

It is time for the Human back to its roots and free himself.

Freedom is the greatest gift that I gave, beloved Sons: Freedom to believe or not, to question and seek the logic of things. Freedom to be open to new ideas. This freedom given to them enables them to achieve, always through his own efforts, the wonderful condition of Creators. May create, within the fantastic ability that their minds and their spirits were to transform dreams into reality, the absolute and the abstract of discovering the secrets of nature, knowing that the mystery is the great challenge of this whole infinite universe.

Intelligence is not stagnant, it is always growing. None will be forever stuck all beings have the ability and the free will to change, acquire new knowledge and formalize new attitudes. Look at some point the dome of this beautiful planet, realize that Nature awards them with wonderful panoramas, Not a day like another: today, you will have a beautiful picture, tomorrow a more beautiful still ... Think of the greatness to exist , the wonderful power to see, to hear, to learn and to dream. This does not end with the end of the body. Those are qualities of spirit.

To us Creators, the capacity given by the greatest of all Creators to give life and intelligence is sublime. But freedom and freewill offered leaves us uneasy with the paths chosen by dear Children. These new times allow these choices are made with more discretion, signaling better the relation of cause and effect. The Self is pure, pure is created.

Throughout this time, it has been said that the best choice that is rooted in the principles of universal love. When it comes to universal love, justice, tolerance, kindness, charity, ethics and morals are your most important factors.

Have you been told about relativity. A considered good attitude, may be determining a great evil; considered bad attitude, can enable a major shift. The Masters well distinguish these two conditions. Suffering should be regarded as a great opportunity for redemption. In the universe everything is relative, not think about perfection, because the universe is evolving.

Try a life grounded in the teachings of the great Masters, teaching that everyone bring in their hearts. Do not expect a reward, the reward will come in its own time, whether willed or not, change is the great calling.

Mankind evolved more and less trapped in concepts and dogmas.

As embodied not miss this opportunity, purifying your thoughts, words and thoughts rationalizing and controlling attitudes, only then able to aspire to inhabit plans evolution best.

Beloved Children, I will always be in their hearts that beat with the pulse of the universe, in times of joy, sorrow and pain, because we are One. You were created in the image and likeness so we are One. So you are One.

 May momentarily be occupying a female body, male, black or white. Whether poor or rich, we are One. The beggar, the leper, the prisoner, the noble, commoner, young and old, we are One.

So this call.

The Beloved Master Jesus in his passage through this world said, "Love one another", because you are One.




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Beloved Children, how important and wonderful opportunity to embody a planet so beautiful. This opportunity is, and always will be offered to improve and grow, grow in knowledge and feeling.

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