The messages displayed on this Site, are being channeled enlightened beings and are intended to help humanity to wake up to the need of Thoughts Change, attitudes and words.

Enlightened people who have gone through this planet, many other and even other galaxies that are committed to helping humanity to leave as small plans.

When reread these messages, see them ever deeper aspects. Open your spirits and your minds and let them assimilate the greatness of the thoughts transmitted by Beings of such wisdom.

It is the beginning of a New Era, in which human intelligence finds itself able to receive information, not new, but profoundly true, about what the Intelligent Beings are doing on this planet and how they should behave to the leave the Bodies, Worlds achieve increasingly evolved, Worlds getting better.





“ Being was created with the ability to become Creator, so no need in targeting guides or leaders. The Creator gave them the ability, through their own effort, climb the infinite scale of evolution.




“ After leaving the body thinks Being occupy heaven or hell, if poorly conducted, but say to my children, there is no heaven or hell. The spirit will be attracted to the plan of evolution that won. The spirit without the body is much stronger. The body is only a means, an agent that needs to continue its evolutionary process. Mother Nature will ask you back. Take care, but do not be attached because all beings that inhabit this planet will pass through the stage they call death.




 The universe is cyclic, and harmonically organized. All live with levels of knowledge and mystery, all seeking a moral improvement and increased knowledge, but we know that perfection is unattainable, because the basic principle of all Being in the universe is a constantly changing. Yes change is the basic principle of all beings in the Universe.




“ I will concito to reflect on their behaviors on their behavior and make an intelligent analysis of what must change to transform their lives and the lives of those with whom they live, to help them be happier and healthier. Yes, you can help those who can live through the power of Love. You can also help them by example, to turn into better beings.



 The nations will have as its theme the pursuit of sustainable development in harmony with nature. Scientists have access to revolutionary knowledge, a revolution in current knowledge that will enable a healthier life, a more brotherly coexistence. The planet will experience a new phase, in which humans coexist with his brothers, seeking a harmonious life with deep respect for their differences, deep respect for all living beings that inhabit this beautiful planet. With the change of behavior, humans will experience a happier, more peaceful existence, also, there will be a revolution, not of military character, but of a moral character, where Love will be the anchor feeling. Planet Earth will be transformed, no longer a planet of atonement.




“ The dogmas and concepts were imposed by changing the meaning of the original teachings. Introducing expressions unspoken man was induced to seek perfection, as if this were the last plane of existence, and as if there was the need of learning. The Universe consists of many power plans and none of these plans, the most evolved beings do not feel perfect. There is no perfection, but plans change.




“ Change their lives, to train to be getting better. The Eastern Trains, persist and can leave this incarnation better than when you arrived here. The planet is a large family would be happier if the beings that live here as if they were brothers, and practicing charity helping, facilitating the lives of others, loving and respecting animals, plants and everything is alive.



“ Have told them of the existence of the Creator and the creature. Who created them was created, it was created, it was created, so this sequence is infinite Creator / creature. In the same family there may be beings created by many designers, however, as the feature of all was given by the greatest of all Creators beings behave in similar ways. This amazing creatures and Creators difference originates a huge cycle of learning and transformation so that, through change, can reach the condition Creators.




“ Religions induced human beings to expect the transformation of his life by the intervention of another, and the charity of their leader, expect grace. However, the law of merit, achievements can only be achieved through their own efforts, both in the field of behavior, as in knowledge. Both elapsed time and human intelligence has not yet learned that only the law of merit can achieve some progress type.



“ Cultuem love, seeking new experiences, always wins with new experiences. Riding over their lives to change. Change their lives. Will be happier, and bring more happiness to all those who are under its influence.



“ No use thinking it will get any kind of growth without a proper effort, even with the grace of Higher Beings, even with the help of its Guardian Angels will be unable to get out of such small plans without own effort, without a necessary change .




“ The Cross was my destiny, knew the risks he was running, but could not give up, could not shut me up, because my mission was independent of the suffering that would have to go. To this day many lost their lives, barbaric and cruel, for preaching justice, love, tolerance, brotherhood and equality. The spirit that comes here to redeem their faults and improve your character just takes this great opportunity. Life on Earth is a great opportunity! Do not miss this great opportunity! Life is short, time is short and every moment should be lived at full intensity.



 “ It has also been said about the bipolarity of the Universe. The balance that is both search always involves this bipolarity. This makes inappropriate the concept of absolute, because there is no absolute in the universe, everything is relative. The label of good and evil, this duality is also relative. How, thinking to be doing good, are competing for the curtailment of the greatest of all achievements, which is freedom. And others, who have caused so much harm, gave the opportunity to major changes.



“ The heart is an organ connected to feelings. It is the body that feels more behavior: how to suffer when taken by hatred and happy as when taken by love. Love is the best channel for achieving inner peace and collective harmony. How could I live the power of love! Love does not distinguish, does not discriminate. There is no value in kind or loving only those who do us good. Love must be by all: right and the wrong, the poor and the rich, those who wish us well and those who wish us harm. Love strengthens your heart, your muscles and your valves while hatred and intolerance the damage.




These are new times, progress can only be achieved through example and balance. The example pervading many changes by the example of another, change spontaneously change course. Examples of peaceful and just made ​​history. All are similar, all are directed to a single destination. The fate of all is the House of the Father.




“ When we say that good and evil are relative, we can not forget the universal principles of the law of cause and effect and the law of karma. Even well-meaning, even they do not have the right to provide another being any physical or moral suffering without it the law of cause and effect is applied. Another universal, widely spoken, the law is the law and the right of merit. Illusion of the human being think that something out of your heart, you can contribute to your spiritual progress. There may even be a help, but the spirit only galgará the eternal cycle of evolution by law of merit. That is to say, we will all have what we deserve.




“ The Creative Intelligence encourages us to eternal need for change. Change is a basic condition for achieving higher planes of knowledge. If change is inevitable, it is better to change willingly, because the process is less painful. Here is my message: change.




 How this message will be read in India, I say to my dear people, and continue to pass their children these sentiments so noble, capable of uniting people and nations. Export that culture, because love is contagious.




“ Enclausurei me in a convent, but opened my heart. I see so many today, free but with cloistered hearts, taken by hatred and rancor. As has been said here, there is only one way to freedom and that is to love. Love liberates us, frees us from the guilt and makes us interact with God and with Nature. Love changes, improves and builds. Lord Krishna said: "With love conquer the universe.




 “ Get rid of feeling small and let the greatness of love and charity penetrate and settle into their hearts. Help the animals, the plants, help any Being of Nature. Help those in need, whether with good material or with a word, help them and are being helped, even with sacrifice. I knew I was sacrificing to help me up, but I tell you it was worth the sacrifice. I have dedicated my entire life to the Church and devote my entire existence to help that you need.



 “ Religions were, and for a great time, will still be a milestone in the evolution of humanity, because they preach compatible qualities for a balanced world: justice, kindness, charity, equality and fraternity. But with the advent of the New Age, mankind will need in their everyday practice of the principles and ways of life that were brought in by the Masters and Avatars.




“ Do not thank the Frei Galvão received by a cure, always thank the Virgin Mary, it is she who gives them the healing salve.




 “ Very early lure me by the Gospel, my young heart felt that the only way to a happy life is a life focused, always for the benefit of others, and that the human being should be free of those feelings that brought him so much suffering and fill your heart the feelings that the Master Jesus proclaimed, which are capable of turning anyone and become agent of good.





Cultuem love and love will deliver them from harm. Love is the great healer , the great shield of protection for man . The Creator did not make the body to be sick. Originally , the body is very healthy , able to defend itself against any evil. The hurt and bitterness are food for many types of diseases .

Those who read this site , many, if they have merit , will have the grace of healing . Everything done in a secretive way because the main objective is to awaken in the hearts of people the idea that change is the only path to growth . Also will be part of this movement Doctors , FIELDS OF PEACE , PAUL CHRISTIAN BARNARD and NIEMEYER , highly regarded on the earth plane and physicians who specialize in the spiritual realm , in order to continue his mission of healing the sick bodies by evil spirit . The work, which starts now , could be developed for patients at any stage , provided that no karmic diseases . Our mission is to help heal those who have developed diseases that are not linked to your karmic process. There are miracles and healings yes , within the technical- scientific principles developed on Earth and later in schools in the spirit world . The cures , determined by merit , always occur through dreams . That you need , you should ask the Virgin Mary to be granted healing. If there is merit , the blind will see again ; dumb speak , the deaf will again hearken lame will walk , and will heal cancerous .

No body disease that doctors do not cure the space , but everything is subject to the higher principle of the Faith and of Merit .




 “ Today I have the honor to belong to the medical team of Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, which aims to alleviate the suffering of those who purify their spirits, the pain of their bodies, always for the benefit of the cleansing of the spirit that is the great beneficiary of this process that sometimes is too long. The same joy I felt seeing that patient agreed with the heart beating in the chest of another, now feel to belong to this select hospital that has the protective mantle of the Virgin Mary. As Dr. Bezerra de Menezes said there is no harm the physical body that doctors can not cure the space.




“ The body is a precious commodity that needs care. It is a wonderful creation capable of defending himself, but unable to deny as the vehicle of purification of the spirit which it serves. Science already has lots of information about what, arguably, back pain and wear. If you want health, do not contravene the laws of nature: the body needs plenty of water, healthy food and sleep, which is the major element of restoring power. Keep your hearts, thoughts, attitudes and words always aiming for harmony, tolerance, justice and love.




“ I thank the Creator for allowing the service that a humble surgeon after having disembodied, in relieving the suffering of so many brothers. I feel a great honor to participate in the Dr. Bezerra de Menezes team that did so much charity and that charity does so much.




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